Tactical Hand Signals Part 1

This video, taught by Jim Wagner, is the first of its kind that complies 130 of the most commonly used hand signals by law enforcement, corrections, probation, …

37 thoughts on “Tactical Hand Signals Part 1

  1. Ben H.G says:

    Hmmm… from experience, many of these are very difficult to be understood, especially under dark conditions or even with NVGs. More so, the tactical and most used gestures should only be using one of your hands… from the video it seems as if you can have a 10 sec conversation with your squad without anyone holding their guns. Unless necessary, One hand on the trigger at all times, especially by number 1.

  2. Henry R says:

    I'm watching this video so that when I go to McDonalds for a tactical snack, they know I'm not fucking around when I ask for four Big Macs, two large fries, and a two gallon soda.

  3. dutch971 says:

    I feel like he just made all of these up, or maybe he watched the 5yr old neighbor kids playing and thought hmm I can make a video telling people how to say yes or no in military secret code. Wtf

  4. Aaron Walker says:

    The "I don't understand" signal is ridiculous. Taking both hands off of your firearm seems like a bad idea to me. Also anything that messes with your line of sight like moving your head back and forth.

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