Tactical Gear Tips: Keep Pouches In Place!

Just a quick tip showing how I secure my gear to my GI ALICE web belt so it doesn’t slide around and move out of place. Many MOLLE gear pouches don’t fit …

10 thoughts on “Tactical Gear Tips: Keep Pouches In Place!

  1. fernando47okc says:

    Note on zip ties, been using them in military aviation since 1978. Best to use mil spec black ones. They add something to that formula that allows them longer life in sun/weather areas over white/opaque ones.The lighter colors will discolored, turn brittle, then snap, so will eventually the darker ones but you will get a lot more time from them…..mil spec is the big key, color next and about as important. Side note, cut as close as you can flush cut dukes if possible, last thing you need is to reach in and come out with blood on a hand 🙂 !

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