Tactical Cylinder & Military Bug Net / COOKING DEVICE TEST



I was finally able to go in woods and use/test the Tactical Cylinder. I showed couple more options, features and possible setups, and certainly cooked tasty …

20 thoughts on “Tactical Cylinder & Military Bug Net / COOKING DEVICE TEST

  1. Donald Blankenship says:

    The Germans want to know how we won BOTH WWars they started. First we end them not start them. Second, Germans make great steel to boil noodles and fire cannons. We boil noodles in an empty tuna can and love it. Germans have the nicest military clothing. We wear T-shirts. Last, they are better than us. We are hillbillies. We'll beat them every time. They half get that. The Japanese can't understand it at all.

  2. Katan Akuma says:

    Awesome idea to affix the cylinder to the tree. It would work well in swamp land areas when your forced to rest up high. It could use a tactical cover to shield the light but I guess lets face it if your worried about being seen then just eat cold like usual. Still a nice touch for weekend warriors. Keep it up brother.

  3. Neil McCarron says:

    Congratulations on your tactical cylinder! Its the best piece of kit of its type I've seen yet and so versatile. You should market this before someone else steals it out from under you, seriously! Atb from neil in scotland.

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