Tac Force Tactical Folding Knife Review – Is it worth buying?



Review of the Tac Force EMT Tactical Rescue Folding Pocket Knife. I purchased this knife for use as an emergency knife in my car. I discuss the pros and cons …

5 thoughts on “Tac Force Tactical Folding Knife Review – Is it worth buying?

  1. Me says:

    Ganzo's can be had for less that 35 bucks and they are fuckin WORLDS away from these pieces of garbage. And better yet they're actually made out of 440c, not just unhardened cold rolled steel labeled with 440c

  2. Me says:

    Guys…. for the love of all things holy if you're an emt DONT carry a fucking tac force…. or an mtech or a zhunter. It's my life you're putting on the line there. At least get a Ganzo, CJRB, Tangram, Civivi, or one of the cheaper Bestechs. Realistically though. Get a ZT or a We knife co or something actually nice that'll last you a while.

  3. Russ K says:

    I bought a Tac Force very similar to yours. It's spring assisted and no problem opening it. Trouble is, now that it's apparently locked into place, how do I get it closed?

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