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Most of us have heard about Systema Ryabko, but what about Systema Vasilieva? Vladimir Vasiliev was the top student of Mikhail Ryabko, and apparently their …

13 thoughts on “Systema Vasilieva?

  1. Garrett Roberts says:

    I trained with him a couple years ago. Take note he is a master. 40+ years. His angles, footwork, breathing and his ability to read trajectory and angles like he does is something I've never seen. He's a quiet guy, very kind. He doesn't bully the students and is very patient. I've been hit by him and the he was able to change trajectory mid hit and it immediately broke me. Yet many instructors forget or simply want to teach systema their own way even though in the Spetsnaz they learn 2 other martial arts then end with systema. Systema is meant to simplify what you already know in principle. However they choose to teach it their own way instead of how they were taught and that is why much systema students fail. They start with an art that is supposed to be the "doctorates" or "master degree". Even though the masters do not fail, it seems they fail at teaching it and focused too much on their own blend and students trying to be like them instead of having the students find their own like DK YOO did. PS- the Transition CRT channel is legit systema and so are the Siberian Cossack channel systema is legit. It is hard to watch vlad and know what he is doing if you dont know what to look for.

  2. Carlos Fagundes says:

    Vladimir teaches serious concepts about movements and timing. The problems to judge by videos, it's that you see only exercises and fragments and not a fight or something to copy or imitates.

  3. Lima says:

    Studied under Vasiliev and Maxim Franz his former top student in Thornhill (I believe they split up a while back, I was long gone. No clue why it happened or if they reconciled since). You can see Maxim in the show 'deadliest warriors green berets vs spetsnaz' (The original was deleted from youtube but you can see Max in this video: at 17:23. He also gets punched a few times by one of the staff members square in the stomach at full blast and breaths the blows away in-front of the camera. Highly recommend you find that footage for a follow up. For the record, I joined Systema after I boxed for 4 and some years and competed, Max could (and did) beat me in a fight with just punches at the time.

    Overall impression: Vasiliev is legendarily good at fighting, so is Max. I've done bjj for over a decade since, I don't know how they would fare against grappling but they were not strangers to it. The thing that stood out most for me was their abilities to take punches. They would let you hit them as hard as you want in class and would just breath it out (once more find that episode and you will have a good look). Vlad's punches are just scary. They have some amazing things to teach.

  4. The Hard Way says:

    Good video. Vasiliev was my intro into the concepts of systema, but actually discovered systema by looking into the credentials of James Williams, after watching the "Seals Knife" video from the 80s. Vasiliev has a number of students, who have proven to be quite good. I would like to see your opinion of some of these. Such as Martin Wheeler, Systema Twins, and Kevin Secours. Also would like to see your opinion on Sonny Puzikas, and Scott Sonnon. Keep up the systema content. Good Job!

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