Systema Spetsnaz Training In Action. Russian Martial Art

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38 thoughts on “Systema Spetsnaz Training In Action. Russian Martial Art

  1. misanthropic world says:

    One day I will leave United States to join the Russian special forces as a person who has nothing and born to nothing.war is my therapy from haunting voices that disturb my mind war is what keeps me alive fighting for my life knowing I might die is what keeps me alive all,leaving all identity behind the identity I know is to survive and to slaughter my foes In which it gives me thrilled. No need for family or lovers or friends as war is my true lover and to dance with lady death and surviving her deadly kiss is pure ecstasy.

  2. Jot Down says:

    Why don't we ever see this kind of martial arts performed in cage fighting? Because this kind of martial arts will always ever be highly choreographed. When someone is thrown, it's not a throw – it's a somersault.

  3. NCR Ranger says:

    Also to end all the shit comments on this Video I'll say this. Every country in the world has some sort of military. strong or weak in man power is statistics it's not important. Cause now countries have Nukes. To end this If the Russians were called to war or the US they could easily end a war in a day if needed.

  4. Judy G says:

    i gon on ahead and taught that to elisabeth when she was two year old baby Huey thats her nicknam
    even they cud catch a binky from the other room eve naround a corner when they was in their baby sets

  5. Judy G says:

    you have to ask yourself nancy marie where i get that from? you seehn it affore even though no one knows meh baby grumpie putin helk fer ransoms and -did sum recken on accident

  6. Kris M says:

    Spetznaz. Because the best way of fighting ISIS is punching flaming bricks while throwing knives while back flipping. They really great, flaming bricks n shit jokes apart.

  7. ProPatriaRO says:

    right, for all you guys the band is called the blue berets. you should search for them i russian because in latin alphabet i couldn't find them. and spetsnaz means special forces and in some countries paratroopers are considered special forces.

  8. DCavalcade says:

    Ok, but how does it work when you're carrying an assault pack, body armor, food and water, grenades, 1000 rounds of ammo, and an assault rifle? This would be useful to you when you had lost your weapons, your gear and were running away nearly bare-handed.

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