Systema Russian Martial Art Mikhail Ryabko at Systema Camp 2010

Blade control. Watch the legendary Colonel Ryabko teaching knife disarming at 2010 Summit of Masters. Note how Mikhail controls the attacker’s attention – the …

49 thoughts on “Systema Russian Martial Art Mikhail Ryabko at Systema Camp 2010

  1. Radovan Poša says:

    In real even this master of systema would survive furious knife attack with inuries and luck if he would not face absolute amateur or some1 who dont know how u r supposed to attack with knife 🙂 btw u r supposed to attack with knife to the closest target witch is arm leg or whatever your oponent throws at you. But its still amazing way to prepare your self for sutch situation in order to survive. and how ppl say its not fast etc… its all abou muscle memory… this years of practice makes your brain not to think when something like this happens but to react faster then your basic reflex is… same thing is at F1 pilots who react so fking fast bcs their brain predict the situation and know the measures to it and apply counter before you r able to think abou what to do… same goes for players of Cs:go cod and other first person shooters.. they shoot faster then they can think…. and karate 😀 they learn every block separate bcs after years of training they r able to connect those movements together in one and use them all without any time to think but only to react from subconsciousness and same goes for this and all martial arts… this guy know these moves so well so when you would attack him he would probably disarm you in a split second if your not aware of that he is that skilled… so again if u not aware of this and of about how to use knife agains sutch a person u r screwed… but even hes not invincible and u can never predict all movements of your opponent witch goes for both sides so if u wanna see fast reaction :D:D:D go attack him but i advice you to take rubber knife bcs he would probably stab you with your knife automaticly instead of thinking if he wants to kill you or not or if that is a real weapon or not 😀 so GL 😀

  2. D says:

    With all respect to Mr. Ryabko, when they try to take him down they are playing with him, not being serious at all, I love Systema and russian martial arts, I am also Russian myself, but if any professional athlete or professional MMA fighter would have tried to take him down seriously, he would have succeeded, Ryabko is not in great shape to be honest and with no disrespect to him.

  3. MegaPypkin says:

    ну в данном показе для вас любители, показывалось. как работать с противником , и какая реакция и скорость у вас есть, никто не знает.. потому показывалось много универсальных приёмов, для толстых и тонких! а вы уже отрабатывайте свой подход

  4. vid4fun says:

    It's all about energy flow and direction of it. Once you master this, you can do anything with it with no power attached to it, just using the energy in a circular movement and straight line when possible.

  5. Krystian Poziemski says:

    First of all, anyone with combat training (or understanding combat rules), would never hold knife like this. You hold it with blade going backwards covering you wrist, so no one would be able to control your movement. Method shown here is good on teens attacking you with knife.

  6. GenuinePuncher says:

    Doesn't work as good when somebody is actually just as strong as you or stronger and actually fighting back. so instead of the guy just going in a straight line and twirling around with you, he's prob gonna be slashing and stabbing very fast and if you catch his hand he's prob gonna be tugging his arm back and not twirling with you. LOL

  7. Zigz Zagz says:

    He certainly has skills in this area, and seems an interesting guy with a sense of humour, yet the first vid I ever saw of him has left me uncertain. It was a clip of training with multiple attackers coming in on him at the center of the mat. He would whip his arm out, or flash his hand in front of their face without ever touching them, and they would go cartwheeling away like they had bounced off of a 10,000 volt forcefield. It was very "touch of death" hokey magic stuff that's left me rather confused about the man and his art because he does obviously have skills to share and I can't figure why he'd do that. It reminded me of what you used to hear back in the 70's, about kung fu artists deep in darkest china who had developed the art so far that they could fly, extend their lives, do the touch of death and you would die 3 days later.

  8. Zigz Zagz says:

    I don't much like the hand on the blade idea. Of course 6 or even 60 stitches to the hand is better than getting a shank in the belly, but I've seen some effective knife handling techniques which don't require you to put your hand on the blade as it's coming in which of course is also coming in much quicker than it is in this demo.
    That aside, though Ryabko is a controversial character, and I don't believe much of the history he purports for himself which was no doubt done to sell his art, but he does make this look easy, at least at training speeds, and seems to be a decent sort with a good sense of humour.

  9. 4EverAwesomness92 says:

    him and Vlad is the real deal, just so u know. u can sit and talk all u cant about:"u cant know if it actually Works", but i can tell u it does Work(for Mikhail).
    i cant garanty it will Work for everyone, because its about how much u train and if u will have the mentality and the energy to make it Work. i wont be able to do it ind a real situation, because i havent trained, and u Clown7916 will not be able to do it because u havent trained. and even if we start traning, we will still not be sure if it will Work everytime for us. But when we have trained for a long time and are able to do it perfectly, then we have that Technique like a Tool ind our toolbox, but even so, there is still no guarantee that it will Work. But hey i rather know that i am able to do something, that not being able to do something if i someday will stand ind that kind of situation.
    But hey Clown7916 indsted of standing/sitting there and say nothing Works, then start training and see what Works for u. we are all different ind body size and material arts and selfdefendse is about finding what Works for u, and then u can share it with others.

  10. Аппий Квинт says:

    а если я буду работать на дистанции? то бишь моя задача не сразу ударить в тело а сбить руки? с применением челнока и закручивание и тд?

  11. thoyo says:

    I read your bio Kalvin. It's amazing with all the experience and expertise you have that Ryabko was still so in control. That speaks a lot to his mastery. If you're ever in NYC I hope you'll come train with our group. Cheers buddy!

  12. TangoDownMP5 says:

    Mikhail is such a humble person, as are all systema instructors… there is a certain vibe that protrudes out of him and you can feel it, his hands are so heavy yet gentle like a baby it is truly an experience that is beyond my ability to describe

  13. TangoDownMP5 says:

    that's what you think but its very hard to cut deep when you are relaxed and loose… obviously if you get attacked with a knife you should expect to get cut… but you minimize the damage by being relaxed and not tense.. if you are tense it is easier for the knife to cut into you and youll get a deep cut instead of scratch

  14. korydreagan says:

    Alot of you doubters must realize, with any credible system of defense and offense, it is BATTLE PROVEN, systema and its tactics have been proven on the battlefield. Ryabko did not just think these tactics into existence one day, his comrades and himself know from experience what works. One should never participate in any style or art that is not proven in battle, which is most traditional martial arts in their traditional form. All battle proven means is it is stripped to the essentials.

  15. minuteman3 says:

    As an old "Cold Warrior" like Mikhail. I am so glad I never met him on the battlefield. I would have lost, and the last thing I would have seen was his smile. Comforting really. 🙂

  16. Clown7916 says:

    Hey man, sorry for not replying for so long. I missed your comment somehow. Listen dude, you CAN safely control the knife in the manner he shows – but only when it's moving that slowly. How do you know he can effectively disarm someone using those techniques (or principles, if you want to call it that) if you've never seen him perform them, full speed, against someone actively trying their best to stab or cut him (preferably with a rubber knife)? Until then, it's baseless theory.

  17. Clown7916 says:

    Sorry for not replying for so long. For some reason Youtube didn't inform me of your reply to my comment.

    I agree with the practice makes permanent statement. However, there is also a very real need to practice at full speed, against a fully resisting partner, otherwise there is no way to know if the technique works. As this could be done with a rubber knife with both participants being entirely safe, there is absolutely no excuse for not practicing both slowly AND at full speed.

  18. rudolph D says:

    practising any form of art is all about control and vision and you can only gain that by mastering it as slow as water….Clown7916 it is obvious you either practice boxing or some art that is all about advancing contact where in this form of art it has various elements…..PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT…..Practice a leg kick wrong 10thousand times incorrectly then that is what you do naturually!!!!

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