Systema Russian Martial Art M Ryabko knife disarming Toronto 2000



33 thoughts on “Systema Russian Martial Art M Ryabko knife disarming Toronto 2000

  1. Fernando Carvalho says:

    Impressionante! Ele tem os movimentos em sua essência!
    Muito natural, espero que consiga passar este dom a muitos!
    Acho difícil, pois ele é incrível!

    Praticamente, ele não usa de grande violência, e sim de muita técnica!

  2. Marko Krsmanovic says:

    Systema looks weird as fuck, but they are relying on simple biomechanics, and… let's call it "flow" of the movements, thus subtly making a difference.

    Oh, also, if you get into a fight against a knife, you are bound to get cut. Getting cut and disarming is better than getting stabbed 48 times, imo.

  3. FiveTmanProductions says:

    I believe in Systema, it is one of the three arts I practice because it is effective in my opinion
    But I wanna see a martial art that has disarms and defenses for a realistic knife strike, no one is going to just do a long slash or a prolonged stab, they grab you and start crazily jabbing fast as hell over and over, seems no martial art ever acknowledges that and ive practiced a variety for a long time.,

  4. hunk4hire says:

    He is the best fighter in the whole world. Nobody can beat him, except maybe Hulk Hogan or the Undertaker. I'm a good fighter too and would likely get in a good lick or two before he kicked my ass.

  5. Herb Martin says:

    We reverse engineered many of Mikhail's (and Vladimir's) disarsm as well as those of other martial artists and came up with about 10 PRINCIPLES that allow anyone to train rapidly to START down this path.

    None of us are masters yet, but we can see the road.  Search AustinCombatives on Facebook and read the posts on Principle Based Disarm CHAINS.

  6. Aliyout1234 says:

    Mikhail keeps it very simple and effective. But it seems to me that overall Vladimir is more skillful with/against a knife. This is of course non-expert opinion, Mikhail's work might not be as "simple" as it looks.

  7. valgorlin says:

    only system that teaches you how to avoid a knife in a way that works in real life….sorry but angling off will get you cut, flowing around a knife is a natural reaction….trust me…ive seen it

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