6 thoughts on “Systema Knife Disarm Basics with Matt Elam

  1. Matt Elam says:

    Sergiy Baturov Thanks for your comment. Yes, in a pure Systema format, you want to allow the blade closer to the body until either you feel you're in danger of being cut or you feel his center of mass shift forward. In Kali, the goal is to contact the knife hand quickly to gain a kinesthetic "feel" of it. My friend and I were simply playing with concepts from both disciplines. Great question, comrade.

  2. Matt Elam says:

    Hey Sergiy, thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree, I'm not letting the blade come in enough. I've trained over 10 years in Kali and Russian Sambo and we were taught to meet the man's blade hand/forearm with our hand/forearm. It's not that that approach is wrong…it's just not Systema. Спасибо товарищу! Thanks comrade!

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