10 thoughts on “Systema knife defense

  1. Thuringen says:

    actually this system was partially designed for people who are fighting back. and in applicaton, most of the moves they demonstrate are done so quickly and with such force that fighting back isn't much of an option.

  2. sargon08 says:

    this is stupid its playing with your life please before any one say any thing and with all respect to all Russian ppl look for this video its called >> Paul Vunak Knife Philosophy . and you will know what i am talking about !!

  3. seadawg93 says:

    there is so much good stuff in systema, but there is also some stuff that looks very questionable (to an outsider) I think we need more clips of experienced people giving serious attacks so we can see how it can be done.

  4. StopMoColorado says:

    That's Rob Green, who is (or was) a security guard at a maximum-security prison. He wanted to try a realistic attack that he's seen be successful for inmates. He was a doubter, but "coverted" over to Systema after that incident. He gives a pretty candid write up of it on the Systema Forum. (NYCRonin, or RobGreen, I think).

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