Systema Combat Toronto Canada.



First class @ new location – Systema Combat Toronto Canada by Frank Arias – Covering Self defence and combat principals.

6 thoughts on “Systema Combat Toronto Canada.

  1. Cookies205 says:

    Do you know of anywhere where they train systema every day of the week (or at least 5-6 days a week)? It doesn't matter where. I have been doing research into systema, but I can't seem to find many places where they are open every day. It seems like 2-3 days a week is the average. Even tried looking for places in Russia, but had no luck really so far.

  2. NYWAORCANZ says:

    yeah, I study systema and have done some ground work in the past.there seems more focus on breathing on basis of saving energy and controling pain and instead of holds more focus on moving and moving from your core for enconomy of motion.

    He mention you first get comfortable and then make him unconfortable.Hopefully "the enemy" will not understand about breathing to save energy and to control his pain and collect his thoughts and to find his comfort zones

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