20 thoughts on “Systema Bullshido REACTION

  1. Johnathon Corbin says:

    All of your comments have one common trait which is doubt, doubt is fulled by lack of knowledge, needless to say stop bumpin your gums and and read about the science behind it. If your honest you will see what the intentions of all the drills are and then begin to see the connections the y all have in each other, take 2 months worth of the classes and you'll feel the difference and not anybody would have to say a thing. Videos are 2 demential. What you see vs what you feel are two completely different things. If your not down for the classes than step up to the plate and let's see how ineffective systema really is.

  2. Pisze Litery says:

    I trained tkd for 5 years, muaythai for 3 and some bjj and judo for 2 years. I am learning systema for a year now. It looked funny to me as wel but it's working better than anything else. You should try it for yourself. You watch video out of context and it's hard to understand what is really going on there.

  3. Henry Le Roy says:

    mate, it seems like you're having a go at this video without having done any research on the content. You said "what, in science and medicine tells you getting hit by anything cheers you up, what evidence is there?" well if you researched that the answer is just about everyone, find out about acupressure and acupuncture + numerous scientific researches into the correlation between external pressure in certain parts of the body and specific reactions in the brain and central nervous system as this is the commonly accepted view in the scientific community these days, added to the fact that this principle has been a huge part of eastern medicine since basically forever, and now a major research facility in korea has managed to directly map and visually prove the existence of energy pathways throughout the body and these findings validate and confirm the chinese medicinal account of acupressure and has been able to prove its accurate grounding in bio mechanics. Also not only only is this guy not the founder (systema is centuries old, and started as a collation of highly effective martial arts from around the world. Ryabko started training in it at the age of 5) but he is definitely considered to be a big man by basically anyone who knows anything about him. He is a legitimate legend of the Spetznas, which is arguably the best trained special forces in the world and the most effective in hand to hand combat, his resume in training elite soldiers, and being an elite soldier is amongst the best in the world, systema is also taught to the korean special forces, green berets and numerous other organisations that have a lot more at stake from the result and effectiveness of their training than the appreciation of people on youtube. Besides Ryabko being an absolute badman, look at all the other martial artist who are considered experts, and definitely more acclaimed than you! who swear by systema, for example DK yoo, who has a natural gift of mastery as an all round martial artists and is phenomenal in many forms of martial arts ranging from boxing to various forms of mma, and with all his knowledge and skill he is a guy who favours systema as the primary basis for his own martial art, it simply makes no sense for someone who is so well respected in so many forms of martial arts to have anything to do with something that isn't legit, the other guys you mentioned in the video (nothing to do with systema) are actually ridiculous but the difference between them and ryabko is that nobody has been able to come to him and disprove his art, although many have tried, and everything in systema has a scientific grounding and theory to back it up, if you want to know more about the scientific side of systema read combat lab by paul genge (not the actor the secular systema practitioner) What you have done in this video is speak with little to no information information and great condescension about a huge part of Russia's social history and the driving influence behind their incredible past and current military profile.

  4. JON DOE says:

    Every cuck that has shit to say about Systema has never tried it, guaranteed.
    Fedor who had some aspects of Systema in his training apparently did damn good with this fake art.

    If any of you have the balls, you'll post a video of yourself at a Systema seminar showing us all how crappy Systema is by easily exposing the instructor.

    This of course will NEVER happen.

  5. GE Carlin says:

    Great vid. Sad to admit but I spent 2K plus travel to go to a seminar. All I learned was how to breath and how to do a correct push up. I was also very unimpressed with many of the senor students actual ability to fight. Basically they could not.

  6. S. NANO says:

    You've got a very, very big mouth and talk about things you don't have a f. Idea. As a little girl criticizing what about she's jealous 'cause she can't do it. Shut up your f. Bbiiiiiiiiiiigggg mouth, found a job and get a life, you moron. You deserve five minutes with Sir Rybalko, after two you will remember all you miserable life what's respect. For the last three… : real pain, as you definetly deserve.
    PS : don't need to answer, I waste my time only once with slapfaces. I wish you all the bad things you imagine.

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