Sword vs axe fighting

Historical fencing. bastard sword versus bardiche (sword vs. axe). Video from Nitra, Slovakia.

22 thoughts on “Sword vs axe fighting

  1. Diarmuid Whelan Wisloff says:

    this doesn't prove anything just that one person was more skilled than another at 1:29 the axe wielder was exposed with no defence to being impaled but instead he body slammed showing he isn't as trained or experienced to spot something obvious

  2. Bloodaxetheirritable says:

    I would like to say "HOW FRICKEN FIT ARE THESE GUYS?!?!" 
    They just ran up a mountain! and in kit! I hope that was clever editing because with that hill I'm WALKING. I cycle 26 km a day and am not un fit but there's no way i could do that. Well done boys.

  3. Gary Glitter says:

    I still prefer the mace or pickhammer, the weapon requires less force to swing and gravity does most of the work, last winter I had a few ice chunks in the backyard so I used my pickhammer that I bought online on them for the hell of it and I could have made a hundred slushes from what was left over.  

      I also own a Claymore and a chopping axe and as much as I like the sword aesthetically I'd feel much safer with either the axe or hammer in an actual battle.

      Everyone is different of course but from my experience I'd take the hammer because once you swing it the other guy will be on the floor if it connects in the vast majority of cases.  With a sword you need to dodge and parry and put more effort into your swing for the same amount of force.

      Axes are somewhat of a middle ground I think.  The axe is also a very fluid weapon despite what people think and if you time your swings you can recycle a lot of the momentum used for the first swing to do a second and you rarely need more than that.

      The problem with the sword is that it just neutralizes the effect of gravity instead of taking advantage of it which is good for using against skilled opponents but in the majority of cases in battles throughout history most fights between two men lasted less than a minute.



  4. Jack Stone says:

    sorry but the sword would have won at the first swing, no one used axes liek that, they were small and light, with that axe one swing, dodge, stab in neck quick as that

  5. cobraglatiator says:

    @Andrew Fleming well, maybe so maybe not, i belive in both being great factors, for if what your say was fully true, a man, with many years of experience, could slay a rookie warrior who has say a bardiche, with a butter knife. i'm pretty sure the bardiche would win as long as the wielder knows what he's doing. but say they both have bardiches, the baddle hardend warrior would slay the rookie. so .you see, i belive in both. : P

  6. tim bow says:

    Axe is like an AK – utilitarian and multifunktional with ability to crush shields. The vikings prefered axes for its overall usefullness, but found swords faster to wield, crafting swords that were 1000 years ahead of time (in europe)

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