Sword Fighting With Very Sharp Filipino Swords, PSDTC style



In this video you will see one of the training methods used to perfect Filipino martial art skills. We used razor sharp blades for this training routine. If you already …

19 thoughts on “Sword Fighting With Very Sharp Filipino Swords, PSDTC style

  1. Ron Kosakowski says:

    I got more dislikes on this video more than any other video I put out. I can see that because only a trained eye can really see what we are doing here. We have to be as safe as possibly yet still do the proper counters and recounters. You really have to look at it to see the individual cuts made here. It sure is an interesting way to train live blades. 🙂

  2. Loadalama says:

    Is this supposed to be a dance video? I know nothing about Filipino Martial Arts, but I do know a bit about fencing in general, here are some things I wonder about:

    1. Why don´t you make edge to edge contact/ use blunt swords for training? If you are not hitting your opponent and always stay at distance you will never be 100% sure that you can actually hit your opponent or don´t get hit with an afterblow.

    2. If you do this for mental training, wouldn´t it be better to just have 1 guy with a sword? Because that´s more likely a realistic situation in real life: Someone running at you with a knife in his hand while you don´t have anything to defend yourself with. You could also do very slow edge to edge contact with sharp weapons and maybe wear fencing masks or other kind of protective gear but I think that wouldn´t do it either for your style of martial arts.

    3. How do you know that your techniques work, when you are not making full speed contact (with blunt swords of course)?

    This is not a hate comment, but this training looks a bit useless in my opinion. I can´t see the point and would be glad if you could enlighten me 🙂

  3. 79ward says:

    Also, a question, is the Kampilan meant to be a one handed sword? Or more like a hand and a half? I wonder how Lapu Lapu used it when he took Magellan's head.

  4. 79ward says:

    Mr. Ron, my brother and I are huge fans of your inventory and products, (we literally have about 20 of your machetes, maybe more), could you make a video about the Sansibar #3 (my favorite), the Igorot axe, and the Spear? Or the ceremonial knives, so I can see them to scale next to a human hand? It would be greatly appreciated. 

  5. SixthBrightestStar says:

    Sir Ron, which is better espada y daga or sanduko y daga? What are the pros and cons of each. I just bought the espada y daga from you. Im thinking of getting the sanduko y daga as well for my collection

  6. Ron Kosakowski says:

    You folks will like this video – Sword Fighting With Very Sharp Filipino Swords, PSDTC style

    In our Kali/Arnis/Eskrima classes, we practice with razor sharp live blades for a few different reasons. One big reason is to heighten awareness levels for precise movements in avoiding getting hit while picking out a well timed target. Its competitive and random when we do this type of fighting so you will not see a pattern in movements here. While we do stay a certain distance away for safety purposes, the footwork is still there. Many of you have heard me complain about linear foot work; the constant going backwards to avoid getting hit. You will not see linear footwork here. Its all various different angle stepping being performed here. A good eye for FMA's will be able to see the target hunting from both me and my student during the use of footwork and body movements here.

    I hope you like the video. This is real FMA training. And by the way, I ONLY do this with more advanced students. Accidents with this type of training method are not good. Hence that heightened awareness I was was referring to.

  7. Ron Kosakowski says:

    I hope you all enjoy this training video. Training with razor sharp bladed weapons is dangerous and its recommended you are advanced already in sword play before you do something like this. Learning FMA's is fun and its very practical for self defense purposes. Message me if you would like to learn Kuntao, Kali/Arnis/Eskrima. I know you would like the way I teach it.

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