Sword Fighting Lessons in London and Surrey – Historical Fencing / HEMA



Learn real historical sword fighting! Classes in London & Surrey. Schola Gladiatoria HEMA – sword fighting classes in the …

19 thoughts on “Sword Fighting Lessons in London and Surrey – Historical Fencing / HEMA

  1. Dean Bevis says:

    While I lived in London, I was lucky enough to attend the classes in Ealing and it was awesome.
    Cant wait for when I move back and get to attend and continue progressing!

  2. KnightForlorn says:

    boo I will just swim across the pond and join you
    Hey Matt can you maybe do a HEMA video about american HEMA groups? Where the heck do I begin way over here? Short of going to Canada I suppose.

  3. Lee Kenny says:

    Wish there were more clubs up north. The closest to me is Liverpool Hema, but that's still nearly 2 hours of trains, busses and walking through unfamiliar streets. Maybe when I finally learn to drive…

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