S&W Tanto Tactical Knife and A Tip On Finding Fatwood

While taking a quick look at the S&W CKSURTC Search and Rescue Tanto Knife, I happened to see a chance to show you one way to find some fatwood. A cool …

35 thoughts on “S&W Tanto Tactical Knife and A Tip On Finding Fatwood

  1. James Andrews says:

    When you did the balance test in a later review with a clip point blade Smith & Wesson knife the Tanto tip knife broke right in half! I wish you could get another Tanto tip S&M and do another balance test and show us whether it was just a fluke or are they prone to breakage.

  2. Zo says:

    It's a rat tail tang. Look at the pommel you can see it. I got the Bowie version, with a black blade.

    Well, the knife perform better than what i thought it would.

    Btw, mine come with a sharpener too.

  3. Roy Fernbach says:

    I recently got the Smith & Wesson SWF5LM… had the same exact sheath. Fell apart after the 2nd day.
    The steel is HARD… (same steel on both). I would be somewhat afraid of it chipping… if I were giving it hard use… but it isn't meant for that.
    Love the little sharpener… great for resharpening my x-acto blades… not much else.

  4. csh 62 says:

    Another great video Brian. I love watching your videos. I also love knives and fatwood, so this one was a home run for me. All the fatwood I have found has been in the limb/trunk junction, God stuff all around. Thanks. Also, from my research I believe 7cr13 s the equivalent of 440A steel. I think 440A gets a bad rap sometimes. It won't hold an edge forever but long enough, and besides I love sharpening knives. Thanks again!

  5. Frederik Kjaer says:

    Any tips on the very cheapest wetstones ( maybe a combination of wetstones) to make any knife (kitchen and outdoor) hair-shaving sharp? Looking for the absolute budget wetstones.

  6. Elwha says:

    Great score on the fatwood and good demo of the knife's capability. Reasonable price on that knife. I think I'd like it a litlle more with a clip or drop point. It REALLY scraped that wood well.

  7. Jani Sukanen says:

    Awesome Bryan 🙂 Knives and fatwood! I agree, can´t get much better 🙂 I like the knife. Even the camo blade. The sheath has some versatility and the pouch is always useful to have. And if the handle has a good grippy material it should feel great. The fatwood part of the video made me smile big time. Love fatwood! Smells beautiful! There was trees like that and fatwood stumps lying around everywhere in Lapland. And birch trees. No worries with tinder supply there 🙂 Even while raining or snowy. One just has to know where to look. Great video Bryan 🙂 I might give S&W knives a try. I have just one folder by them. We don´t have that many models available here though. Mostly just folders. As always big thumbs up 🙂

  8. Ed Cook says:

    Love the finding the Fatwood. A better bet is to start kicking those Branch Stubs out. A couple of kicks when the Trunk is rotten and you have a nice chunk of Fatwood.

    As a matter of fact, two or three of those stubs will make you a nice hot small Fire.


  9. Timberwolf says:

    you should REALLY check out the Samekniven sk8f (samiknife sk8f) or any of the other sami knives from karasjokk! they are great choppers and batoning/heavy duty knives!

  10. Terry W. Milburn says:

    She dun passed er test, Bryan. Not bad 4 the price, & all that wonderful FREE FAT-WOOD ? Don't get any better'n that Bro !                                                   ATB Terry      God Bless

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