Suture – Basic Technique 1

Demonstration of basic good suture technique and habits. This is an instructional video to teach emergency medical care of basic suture technique when …

31 thoughts on “Suture – Basic Technique 1

  1. faisal hashmi says:

    Whoa! How comprehensive video in just 4.40min, u pointed my mistakes well, I will keep in mind that,
    Plz make a video for left handed persons, coz most of videos are for right hand people.
    Keep coming such videos.

  2. TwstedTV says:

    you went too fast on knotting, and its a bit hard to see how to properly knot. its very hard to see the string, so when you went fast on knotting, i kinda missed it. 🙁

  3. robert lombardo says:

    Great training I understand this is old,but question. Do you stitched the muscle if ripped then stitch the skin over it. And when stitching the skin should you ever attach it to the muscle for strength.

  4. tasmedic says:

    I thought I was the only surgeon left who was actually still touching the needle with my fingers. My colleagues keep telling me that I should change my technique and only touch the needle with the instruments. Apparrently, some medical insurers will reduce their pay outs should you get serum hepatitis from your patients, if you're still handling the needle with your fingers. However, I'm now so set in my ways that I'm not going to change, and I've not had any issues with needlestick injuries.

  5. Babybluehashyo says:

    am I the only one here to learn this stuff just because of if shtf… lol. Hope I would never need to use the info but it's cool that I can learn this online. Clearly I would go to a doctor before all else but IF… IIIIFFFF something were to happen. I'll just pretend zombies are coming to justify my internet history 😉

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