Surviving Scary Knife Attacks| Krav Maga

In this Krav Maga video, Ryan Hoover from Fit-to-Fit Krav Maga teaches us how to disarm and neutralize a violent knife attacker. Disarming the attacker may be …

41 thoughts on “Surviving Scary Knife Attacks| Krav Maga

  1. Marcus Jacobs says:

    the person is going to try to stab you as soon as you make a movement or touch his hand with the knife. instant motion forward as soon as you move, getting stabbed in the stomach.

  2. Scott Engstrom says:

    Very good points made. If a person is able to remain calm and not panic, these techniques are great. The worst thing is to panic and not be able to think at all like a deer in the headlights.

  3. Paneerdog says:

    I really like Ryan Hoover – good stuff in general. But honestly, everything in this particular video after "my goal is to get out of there.." is BS. All these martial arts guys work from the assumption that the knife guy wants to close and bury his blade in a vital organ. They also assume that the knife guy is standing there with his knife in the epe grip. But knife guys know that you never see the knife, you feel it first. They also know to take targets of opportunity as they present themselves. The first flick of the blade will take a finger off, and that will open the next target – hand, forearm, thigh, bridge of the nose, whatever presents itself. Always taken fast, at maximum distance with no commitment. A knife guy will only do the big stab after his opponent is already in shreds.

  4. Michael says:

    how would you go about this if the attacker had a karambit? would the position of the blade change the palm strike location on the attackers wrist? besides obviously striking slightly higher

  5. Corey Kinard says:

    I've seen hundreds of vids like this. even other krav maga ones… never seen something that looked better. I've been stabbed 3 times on two occasions (why I watch so many) and using personal experience, this is what seems the best. a lot of practice must be needed, but this sounds infinitely better than other shit I've seen on YT.

  6. Eric Battlefield says:

    Go hard and hyper extend that elbow…and while you're at it rip that shoulder out of socket. With your technique you're in a perfect position to do both quickly then GTFO. Unless he's on PCP that fucker will stay down. Great vids, love your channel!

  7. Adam Bodford says:

    I'd love to see some of these directed towards dealing with opponents that are actually trained to handle a knife. Like what do you do if they aren't presenting the knife like that? What if they're actively using their offhand to obfuscate counter attacks? What if they're trying to actively cut you down from the outside in? Going after your extremities or just plain bulldogging you to the ground with brute force? I'm not saying this video isn't useful, there are certainly a lot people dumb enough to present the weapon like this but some aren't.

  8. WushuSnivy says:

    Very good mental approach to the matter. Doing anything you can to avoid the conflict altogether. And if the knife mugger MUST be engaged, do only what must be done to get OUT.
    There is far too high risk involved in these life and death situations…
    Very good video.

  9. CakeFlirty says:

    what if the knife dude got 4 guys behind him ready to shank you even if you take the knife guy out?……..what if thouse dudes with him got a gun and as soon you take the knife guy out they gona get in there popping?…..

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