Surviving Edged Weapons: How to Defeat Today’s Fastest Growing Threat (Intended for Law Enforcement Only)


In an intense, action-filled 85 minutes, you’ll learn to defend yourself against the mounting threat of “knife culture” offenders: how to assess an edged weapon assailant before he strikes…what really works and what doesn’t control him physically…when to use your baton — and deadly force…how to avoid the fatal reactions.. untrained officers instinctively have to sudden knife attacks…life-saving survival insights from officers who have nearly been killed with edged weapons…how prison inmates and knife experts train for ultimate deadly attack…what’s the latest in improvised weapons…how to search for the most dangerous weapon…medical self-help to save your life if you are cut or stabbed…and much, much more!The best police training film ever made!
From the creators of the popular Street Survival seminar!
Special Certificate of Personal Study included!

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