Survival Tips: How To Cut 550 Cord Without A Knife

This is a cool and easy Survival tip for cutting 550 paracord without a knife. It doesn’t cut it the cleanest, but will work in a pinch if you are found without a knife.

34 thoughts on “Survival Tips: How To Cut 550 Cord Without A Knife

  1. Creative Redundancy says:

    This is a similar concept of using cordage for cutting thru duct tape if you're bind in them.  Things to keep in mind. Tie 2 knots then rub cut it in between and not have to worry about the inner strands pulling inside. You can braid fishing line to do this too( 8 feet) if you have a short amount of paracord or the distance is too far to tie and still have the friction saw.
    Does this work with bank line? should right.
    Ty for sharing this 😀

  2. Albert Head says:

    You don't need to string it between trees. On a hard surface such as concrete, just stand on it and saw up. On soft ground wrap a loop around the front of each boot and do the same. Saves time AND energy!

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