Survival Skills: How To Read A Map – The Legend

This is a VERY basic explanation of how to read the legend information on most basic topographical maps. For more videos on wilderness survival, survival …

15 thoughts on “Survival Skills: How To Read A Map – The Legend

  1. George Crabtree says:

    These videos are great. You really get the information across well in a short period of time. Other peoples videos tend to ramble as though they are only interested in hearing the sound of their own voice. You are clearly about getting the information out there in a 'No non-sense' way that is easy to follow, thank you.

  2. S Fergus says:

    Thanks for the video! I would love to see a video explaining how to adjust the declination from magnetic north to true north, how to orient a map and navigating in poor visibility. You're videos are excellent. Thank you.

  3. Richard Orbell says:

    RS, I am also interested in seeing more. I used CSGS maps to navigate during hikes, etc., before GPS. The map is more revealing about the general, wider area, and it doesn't rely on batteries! In those times, you could buy any map you wanted at Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS), recently defunct. I'm looking forward to seeing more on the topic. Thanks for your vids.(Loved paracord donut, made a 50'er)

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