Survival Skills 101: How to Defend Yourself Against A Knife Attack!

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Justin Angelos shows you how to defend yourself against a knife attack. Remember: In this video the stick can be replaced with any …

20 thoughts on “Survival Skills 101: How to Defend Yourself Against A Knife Attack!

  1. Jeff C says:

    Knife attacks are VERY difficult to defend against. Your best option is to use your feet – to run.

    With someone who knows how to use a knife, you won't even see it.
    With someone who doesn't, they will be slashing and flailing.

    Not like in the dojo.

  2. Artyom Arty says:

    this is probably the most real advice. Assuming your opponent is your equal, having something as long a reach as his knife is probably the only thing that can stop him. Having a hard long stick (which you would never have) would give you an advantage. A beer bottle, something commonly available, is same if not longer as reach as a knife and would put you at same odds against an opponent

    as for all those other fancy in youtubes moves, they wont work. Reasons are many. Main reason, however, is that none of us are naturally prepared to fight someone in a knife fight. Our natural reaction is to back away. This is why a long range melee weapon in our disposal becomes so handy in such situations. naturally, if we had a long range weapon in our hands such as a bottle, we can naturally instinctively react to the knife, cuz it'd be a long-range fight. Without such a weapon, getting any moves on our opponent is not only dangerous, but also completely counter-intuitive unless we had trained months for it

  3. John Lorr says:

    So your reccomendation for defending your neck is to get your wrist slit instead? Why expose the palmside of the wrist at all? Use the backside of the hand because it has less nerve, vein, and artery endings. Use outward blocks to try to knock it off his hand, and if you miss, but still hit the knife, the part with less nerve, vein, and artery endings gets cut.

  4. Luis Herrera says:

    Dude this is Kali the Filipino weapon fighting system. With all due respect this has nothing to do with Brazilian jiu jitsu in which you talked about that Justin has a black belt in. It would have been nice if you could have mentioned his experience and level in Kali as well but anyway i don't mean to pull your leg.

    I enjoyed the video I would like to see more of this martial art and knife defense. I appreciate your work and Justin's work on this subject. Thank you.

  5. Jaybird196 says:

    Empty hand defenses can work just fine against a knife attack, however they require practiced skill which takes time to acquire. The use of a stick or other improvised weapon can be a great addition to one's empty hand defense, as well as serve as protection in the meantime that one is acquiring skill at empty hand defenses.

  6. stevemccollum2011 says:

    How about a follow up video about how to defend a knife attack when you have no improvised weapons available ? When attacks come, either hand to hand or with weapons, many times you have no or little warning. If you run and cannot outrun the attacker then your back is exposed with no protection.

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