Survival, Maybe… #21 First Time in Combat (A Space Engineers Survival Series)

The moment is finally here! It’s time to test the mettle of the sandbags versus our vicious foe… or something like that. At the very least I think it’s high time we field tested our sandbags…

27 thoughts on “Survival, Maybe… #21 First Time in Combat (A Space Engineers Survival Series)

  1. Der Isy says:

    You should update my Solar Alignment Script. It got a big update a little while ago that changed the LCD of the script to be much more useful, with bars for every stat combined with many internal tweaks and fixes. Also since version 3.6.1 it supports a reactor fallback mode that activates reactors on the base if the batteries are low on power or overloading. That way you can still rely on solar power as your main power source but you can also have a small reactor in the base, that kicks in as needed.. The uranium you got then acts as a limited booty to help you growing stronger 😉

  2. SmooreMC85 says:

    I just wanted to say that i've both appreciated and enjoyed this series, as a small YTer looking to learn and then start my own SE LP, you instruction and gameplay have been invaluable, so thank you very much!

  3. superhelicase says:

    That uranium should definitely be used for rockets. What is earned by blood shall beget more blood. Maybe keep just a little bit for Isy's updated script that uses the back up reactor.

    Sorry if you already made the decision, I'm almost caught up on the series.

  4. Hobgoblin UK says:

    What Isy said about a back up sounds good but I think you would still find it goes against your own limitations. It does but it is a sensible precaution. Only you can decide that though.

    My idea is to create a raiding vehicle that is uranium based. One that can build the sandbags charge the ugly duckling and maybe even the butterball. It's existence brings in uranium it requires uranium to exist. It could be an emergency generator to the base if built to connect but allows your core game to stay uranium free without throwing the raided uranium away.

    Using it as a power source for the base would then be a very deliberate act in an emergency rather than just a script dipping in when needed and becoming something you rely on.

    PS I will definitely be updating the script on my own world and may just try the no uranium map. I have really enjoyed this series and the challenge it presents.

  5. Matt P says:

    I vote you don't use the uranium. Stockpile it in a dedicated cargo container deep in your base as your "treasure vault". Stay true to your original challenge.

    If you later run into a situation where missiles or reactors get you over a hurdle you otherwise can't surmount, then you can dip into your treasure without any guilt or loss of face or ruining the fun.

  6. lowrads says:

    High density energy storage is a waste for a base. Better off making a missile delivery platform.

    Also, armor blocks are expensive. You get 2 of them for every tonne of refined iron, but something like 5 catwalk blocks. Might be both aesthetic and practical to differentiate a superstructure from the working surfaces.

  7. Some Guy says:

    Splitsie, few q' for You…
    1. would You farm a little more and try to make a 'vacuum cleaner' of some sort, heard U like engineering :p
    2. mayby some of Whip's Scripts :
    – Sandbag upgrade with AI turret… 4x gatling turret would make up for 4 of Your currnet sandbags…
    – Welcome gift for pirates, a rocket, player made one, with a nice hot warhead ?! 😀
    3. Any chance you'll make more accuarate and specific video about wheels ? moving on ramps, mayby test world >:D ?

    Also PPL' should help one another 😉
    (If im correct rich_27 line

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