Survival Hiking Spear- SOG Spirit Review



A close encounter with a bear got me thinking about ways that I could defend myself if a wild animal became aggressive towards me. In this episode I’ll be …

44 thoughts on “Survival Hiking Spear- SOG Spirit Review

  1. Robert31352 says:

    I am late to the party, but I feel the best rule of thumb is to NEVER throw a weapon at either animals or people. A weapon out your hand is useless. And people can pick up you weapon and kill you with it.

  2. Ben V says:

    Cool, I came to the same conclusion and am making something similar. Just stumbled on your video in the process.
    Am making mine to protect against a crazy fox or angry wild boar.

  3. Freecheese says:

    I'm a bigger guy. I've walked alone in the woods and have heard a predator of some kind following me.
    I suspect it was a bear although where I am at cougar is sighted scores more.

    I agree with the spear. I have heard of a big cat hunter that used a spear to counter jaguar's charge.

  4. Ray Cardona says:

    A shotgun wouldn't be a bad idea even if it's a single shot 12 gauge there cheap and It will get the job done you can rest assure that slug with stop the bear I would feel safe that route but that spear is a good objective weapon as well

  5. Chris Gillard says:

    Did that come down double edged from the factory or did you sharper up the other side. I bought one of those from big 5 a while back and it was only sharpened on one side. Also, is it legal to carry a double edged blade in Canada?

  6. The Natural Man says:

    Bears swipe and could snap a spear shaft easily. A spear is better than nothing (especially were you can’t carry a gun) but a .357 magnum revolver would be a lot less to carry and a LOT more comfort. Not to mention you can still use it as a deterrent for a bear by firing a warning shot if the situation allows.

  7. Ivan Jorven says:

    A $100 single shot 12 gauge that weighs 5 lbs is about a million times better than a spear for last ditch bear defense. I'm looking up this SOG spear because I just did active shooter training in a gun free institution and was thinking it might extend defensive capability in that context. But if I'm I can carry a gun in a dangerous place, I'm carrying a goddamned gun. There's really no comparison. In the Grizzly Maze, I'm toting a Mossy 590 or something with an extended mag and alternating Brenneke slugs and buckshot. No rules out there.

  8. Lucius says:

    Isn't an injured bear even more dangerous than a normal bear? I belive this applies also to big predators, as cougars. So, I don't believe it is a good thing to throw the weapon and be unarmed just after, to confront the furious beast with bare hands. I imagine the spear should be used to keep the animal at distance, and to scare it, in the case os cougars, monkeys and wild pigs. Confrontation must me in any case a very last resort, especially without a fire weapon. I am in Brazil, and I use to bivouac solo in a subtropical mountainous area, were there are monkeys, wild pigs, cougars and even, but rarelly, jaguars. So I allways carry with me cougar spray, that is also effective against other animals. I am thinking about the spear, but just to have something else to keep me more confident at night 😉

  9. Ehren Gross says:

    Just one criticism, an animal is not going to use it's weight and throw itself on to the end of your spear. You must use the spear to thrust at the animal. Unless that animal is jumping on top of you from the trees, it will be awfully hard to make it use it's weight to kill itself willingly.

  10. Steve says:

    Oh yea, this is going to be good!  I need a walking stick/spear…got surrounded by a pack of feral dogs while walking our two dogs.  Fortunately, my male was bigger and more confident than any of the ferals and when the timing was right, lunged at the pack leader scaring it off and defusing the situation.

  11. Cameron Norton says:

    I just carry a big 8" Ruger Redhawk around in a chest holster if I am worried about bears. Why not carry a gun? American bushwhackers have been carrying guns around for hundreds of years. I've seen bears around my property and they've seen me, but they never seem very interested in me. Lots of berries to eat and animals for them to predate on around here, so they are not to ornery.

  12. Shawnee Nation76 says:

    The spirit wouldn't do annything but piss most bears off unless you got a lucky throat hit. Bear spray is 120% more effective.
    But yes, spear hunting is legal in 90% of u.s. states. I don't know about canada.

  13. Robert Garcia says:

    The spear tip is good but u wanna watch the handle that came with it, I had one a few years back and the packaging advertised it as a throwing knife so I threw it and the handle snapped and launched the spear tip back at me and it landed less than an inch from my foot

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