Survival Gear Tip – Glow Sticks In Or Out Of The Package?

This is a Survival Gear Tip about Glow Sticks and a quick look at how UV rays from the sun affect the performance of Glow Sticks that have been taken out of …

34 thoughts on “Survival Gear Tip – Glow Sticks In Or Out Of The Package?

  1. s zarella says:

    To do this correctly, yes as you stated make sure they are at room temp, but also you cant compare relative brightness with BLUE VS GREEN and different vendors, green is brighter than blue, and go with one vendor, control and test the same color If you are doing both colors, then do one control BLUE and test BLUE one control GREEN one test GREEN all from the same vendor, your dollar store cheap ones wont be as bright than your other ones.

  2. Robert Fisher says:

    Not really a fair comparison. You used what seemed to be 2 sticks with 2 separate brands and put each brand in a separate scenario rather then one from each brand in the same scenario. Plus take into consideration depending on brands of glow sticks some will light better then others. I bought a dollar store one once and it last 24 until absolutely nothing, almost as good as a name brand.

  3. ArmyStinger150 says:

    Interesting, I never really noticed the difference between ones that were out of the package and those I left in the packages. I've used "glow sticks" or rather military "chem lights" in the Army for the better part of 14 years, I never had any problems with the ones I kept out of the packaging. Of course I never stored them in direct sunlight. Great testing.

  4. Kenneth Donnelly says:

    glow sticks rely on a chemical reaction to produce light, so depending on the chemicals used as some chemicals will react to light and decompose while others are more stable so check the ingredients and look them up and you will then have a better idea on how to store them and to be safe your best bet is to store your equipment in its original packaging and only remove it if your 100% sure it will survive.

  5. lonwlf68 says:

    The two that you said had no color after direct exposure to light,didn't have color to start with! when you showed them on you grill,when you first set them out,they were colorless then,compared to the ones in the box.

  6. Logic Bob says:

    I was debating with somebody recently about the effectiveness of the high powered strobe feature on a lot of flashlights as a defensive tool. We decided we need somebody to run some tests… A job for JJ, the Tactical Mythbuster? B-)

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