Survival Bush Point Knife Overview, Wayne Russell Design




29 thoughts on “Survival Bush Point Knife Overview, Wayne Russell Design

  1. Timbo437 says:

    Wow, I really like this design. Looks like you hit it out of the park on this one. I think I will be buying myself one in the near future. The spear function, although one might never need it, is nice to have. Ya just never know, right? Either way, the spear point should come in handy, for making bow drill divots, and things like that.
    I don't pry with the tip of any of my knives. I will never understand why anyone would do that with their knife. It is not what a knife is made for. The potential for breaking your tip is just to high no matter what the steel, or blade profile is. A knife is made for cutting and stabbing, not as a pry bar. Some designs may handle it better than others, but no thanks.
    Awesome design, very functional looking, all purpose knife. Kudos!

  2. Terry W. Milburn says:

    Gotta winner there, Kull; Wishing yu the best of luck sellin them quick as their available, T F S                                                  ATB " T "   God Bless

  3. Flint and Steel Survival says:

    Brilliant choice to increase the usage with the removable handles! I am a fortunate guy because I can carry a gun in the woods but if I couldn't a spear is a very logical choice to put distance between an aggressive animal and yourself!

  4. Casey Franck says:

    Greetings from Northern Wisconsin. I've enjoyed your videos for some time and never commented. I saw your 'I don't rant" the other day and wanted to thank you for all you do. Your videos are honest, positive, and educational. And I can watch with my nephew without worry about inappropriate content. Keep up the good work, don't get bummed out and quit ytube. The knife looks awesome.

  5. K Johnston says:

    Wow ! Wayne i love it good for you congrats on that amazing knife. I'm going to try and get one. is my E-mail I would really like to get one from you with your autograph on the blade if that is possible, pls let me know cheers

  6. billy joe denny says:

    thumbs up my friend , i really like it.  removable scales genius , i can see many more add on for this carry .. agree with no using leather on the sheath ..thanks for my christmas
    great job kull, you should be excited …thinking outside the box knife..

  7. Pdiddy says:

    Great job brother, glad to see you stuck to your guns and kept the knife true to your vision. Cannot wait to see other reviews by various "knife experts" when they realize what an awesome product they have in their hands, especially under $200!!

  8. Guiltaur says:

    Your knife design looks very interesting to me, Wayne!

    I know that you've had experience with at least one other knife by Reptile Toolworks(Creek Stewart's Whiskey Corvid). Based upon your experience with Reptile Toolworks' A36 steel (they refer to it as A36 Carb), how would you rank the blade steel compared to others you've used such as 1095 and other commonly used steels in survival and bushcraft knives?

    I ask this because the little information I found about A36 steel online points to it being a less than ideal steel for knife making. However, Reptile Toolworks' A36 Carb sounds like it is specially heat treated to elevate the steel to a much higher performance level.

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