Surprise Knife Attack | GoPro Experience!

In this video I show you how to defend against a surprise knife attack. With the help of a GoPro camera I give you a view of the attack from my perspective. Knife …

31 thoughts on “Surprise Knife Attack | GoPro Experience!

  1. YellowPaint100 says:

    From 0:090:22
    1. He stepped right in front of you to ask a question
    2.He squared his shoulders & hide his right hand
    3. He stayed in your way as you tried to walk around
    These are all red flags, especially when done all at once. Great demo's Nick

  2. emigrate says:

    Could you do a video for disabled people on crutches, or on walking sticks. I am attacked so many times and have very poor legs, with nerve damage, my upper body is strong, but legs poor. I appreciate your input in advance. It is a shame people attack disabled people but they see us as weak and easy target. Could we use our crutches as an aid, rather than an hinderance? Thanks again.

  3. QuantumGeeks says:

    can you do how to defend from a gun? here in argentina they come in
    motorcycle… they get out of the motorcycle and steal with gun

    what we can do to prevend this? what we can do to close distance or go away?

    thanks for all nick!

  4. Very Serious says:

    Thanks Nick, good video as always!

    I have a request, could you ask your training partners in future videos to describe their pov, a thing or two that stuck out to them, maybe how they planned their attack, things like that? Thanks!

  5. jakc3d says:

    This is the most realistic channel on self defense on YouTube (and obviously CodeRed Defense too). I've seen a lot of other cool channels but this is the by far the best and most realistic of all of them. Thank you for everything that you and your team do.

  6. JJ2handz Dodgy McSpanky says:

    How to win a knife fight. 1. Have a bigger knife. 2. And/or a gun. 3. Belts have much better range than any standard knife (think i learned this one from one of nick's videos). 4. Use the environment to your advantage (inanimate objects and such) 5. Draw attention to yourself so others around know you are being attacked. The hell with getting that up close and personal with someone who has knife when you dont have any means of defense besides some training or youtube vids when a slight slip up could mean your life. Regardless i love the vids but i dont think someone would stand much of a chance in a knife/gun fight if they attempted what they saw in this vid without proper training.

  7. Casinobubble 2001 says:

    Great videos Nick, is there any chance you could show us your students doing this drill with you as an attacker so we can see the progression of learning real knife defence? If not it's fine your vids are still very helpful it's just a suggestion. Thx

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