Sure Balance and True Flight Knife Throws, Cold Steel


23 thoughts on “Sure Balance and True Flight Knife Throws, Cold Steel

  1. zhukie says:

    Great video. Shoul be receiving my TFT is a day or two, looking forward to getting into throwing…a bit pricey here in Australia compared to the US ($50-$90) but then most things are lol

    If I can get to your skill level one day that would be pretty awesome heh. Any particular reason you stand with your left foot forward and not the opposing one as most people seem to?

    And great to see a fellow lefty, for once!

  2. jffrats says:

    Cool video. Thanks. Though my family and I have been mostly learning with the 12" Sure Flight Sports from Cold Steel, I also picked up three of the Sure Balance Sports. And yes, they are crazy wide. I'd actually like to have the middle curves cut off and or maybe even have the handle thinned out. Do you have any of the Sure Flights? And if so, how do they compare to the True Flight?

  3. Jonathan Brooks says:

    Great video man big fan of all of your videos, made many purchase decisions off of your reviews. Just curious as to which cold steel throwing knife you prefer out of all of them definitely something I'd like to get better at. I try to lean towards durability when it comes to knives thanks again.

  4. Jdmsword14 says:

    your precision is always admirable to watch i just got a 12 pack of small 6 inch throwers i call em little hornets 😀 want to get some bigger ones i'm liking that true flight

  5. MyersTheShape1978 says:

    Awesome video. Have you ever used any of the CS sport throwers? They're lighter and cheaper than the better CS throwing knives, but they're great for practice and are still extremely well made. I got some for Christmas and I love them.

  6. yani van handenhove says:

    really shit that you can not have those knife in Belgium really shit but that the stupid law I think ^^
    but by the way super cool video like always greeting from Belgian fan and subscriber
    yani van handenhove

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