SUPER Effective Way to Stop a Knife Attacker

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18 thoughts on “SUPER Effective Way to Stop a Knife Attacker

  1. athos1029 says:

    There are points where you're pulling your attacker into what I think is an ideal position for a knee attack. Would it be more effective to pull him down and simultaneously strike with the knee delivering more powerful blows, or would it be better to maintain your balance?

  2. Aurodeep Roy says:

    what if the attacker is wearing a T? and what if the person with the knife is in a good stance? like i was practicing with my friend to defend knife attacks and disarm. He faked a stab, when i went in to grab his wrist, he swapped hands and stabbed me and it was game over for me(we were using a marker instead of a real knife)

  3. Jason Skolar says:

    Great videos and I love the simplicity of how well you teach! I really enjoy the efficiency and logistics of your approach to reality based self-defence. What you teach is very effective in real life situations and I commend the work you guys are doing. I also live in Montreal and grew up in TMR. I went to TMR high school and many of my childhood friends were from Park-Extension. I have studied numerous martial arts systems over the course of my life (Karate, Systema, Wing Chun Kung Fu), and in my honest and humble opinion, nothing compares to basic self-defense when in an emergency situation. The human brain always looks for the simplest and most efficient emergency defensive tactics when in highly stressful situations. Keep up the great work. I would really like to connect with you in Montreal. Best wishes for the holiday season. Dr. Jason Skolar, D.C.

  4. Persona Non Grata says:

    Cool. I find that my "victim" can often knock the knife from my grip by striking the blade. Unless I have a really good grip and am ready for the strike, he can almost always just knock the knife from my hand. Exception if I have my index finger over the hilt, or the knife has a sub-hilt. But grabbing my jacket would, I think, (havent tried it yet) make knocking the knife out of my hand even easier.

  5. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    This video is 100% bullshit.
    Hardest part is taking a hold of the knife hand… he wont hold the knife still, it's a razor sharp object moving fast, and not unlikely his arm is faster than your arm. You think the knife attacker is going to give it away? let you hold the arm that holds the knife? lol.
    The knife attacker will push you away with his empty hand, stab you 10 times before you can grab the knife, quick stabs almost impossible to block with your naked hands. With his free arm he'll do anything to keep you away from the knife. There's little you can do against that.

    If you want true advice, avoid engaging a man with a knife at all cost, run if you must. If you can't avoid it… then pray… pray that your adrenaline rush helps you, that you have the power to kick his balls hard and fast enough, or something (anything to save your life), somehow overpower him before it's too fucking late, and it becomes too fucking late way too fast, btw.

  6. Show Me What You Got says:

    I don't think this is a good idea.  It might be better than nothing, but not much.  A trained knife fighter is trying to cut your arm, not just stab you.  He wants your tendons and muscles non functional.  You are giving him to much play to do that and offering your wrist to him at the same time.  This would probably work better against a club or something like that.

  7. professorbland says:

    hey Nick I love your videos.., I think you should put together some basic videos that nutshell your approach to different weapons or self defense situations, comprehensively walking noobs through the concepts and basic techniques they need to begin thinking critically about real-life self-defense. Just a suggestion. Keep it up and good luck with your new channel!

  8. Русский Котэ says:

    Thank you, Nick, awesome video and new channel) I have a question: there are  a lot of videos about knife and stick/baseball bat defence, but I never saw any video about defence against a hatchet or machete, it would be great, if you can make a video about it. Thanks again))

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