30 thoughts on “Summer Of Knives 2017 Combat Fighting Knives

  1. The Last Neanderthal says:

    I finally found somebody with a bigger knife addiction (“knife problem”, as my wife calls) then yours trully. Congratulations on your collection and thanks for sharing. Cold steel has put out good quality products for a long time.

  2. Broey's adventures says:

    I bought the lmf 2 and it broke within 2 weeks of owning it maybe I just got a dud but the pummel came off just with general use (chopping, batoning and cutting things such as rope). also, the blade wobbled in the handle right out the box not impressed.

  3. Walker Prescott says:

    What could you actually carry in the field by regulation? I know some of these pussy commanders are liberals that are intimidated by scary shiny evil looking knives and limited their use in the field or in Garrison.

  4. T B says:

    So why does the military use crap knives instead of knives useful for not only killing but more useful purposes? There not even all that well designed for combat

  5. bibi green says:

    I prefer a light knife of around 4-5 inches, razor sharp. Heavy and combat knife don't go together in my opinion. I like my Spyderco PM2, or even my Mora Robust Pro, over my Esee 5 or my BK-9. Out of your knives, I think I'd go for the japanese style cold steel.

  6. RDLaw88 says:

    The Tops Moccasin Ranger was made to honor Sgt.Grey Otter of Cherokee Nations as leader of the Cherokee Moccasin Rangers in WWII. This was said to be the style knife he used along with a tomahawk. He later went on to train instructors in hand combat with knives and tomahawks in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam.  Great series on Summer of Knives.

  7. Jay N says:

    The correct term for blood groove is a fuller. That story about knives getting stuck is a myth, they are just there to shave some weight off the knife while retaining the strength/rigidity of the blade. Nice collection, thay gemini is beautiful

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