Strobeforce Combat Flashlight | Fighting With Light | Ep 1

For more info, go to The Ultimate Knife: Jared Wihongi takes us through the new Strobeforce, a dedicated fighting flashlight designed with …

3 thoughts on “Strobeforce Combat Flashlight | Fighting With Light | Ep 1


    I like the light. One issue, TSA has been confiscating non-weapon items like pens and lights when they can look them up on the internet in 2 seconds and see they are marketed or designed as as weapons, defensive or otherwise. So, like the well sharpened pencil that is not marketed as a weapon, but may have some "other" uses, compared to a pen marketed with a dumb ass DNA collector, businesses that want to keep their customers safe , should keep the above in mind when marketing. "Tools" for use in Denied Areas should be labeled carefully.

  2. E Wong says:

    Looks like a great flashlight, I've been looking for something like this. Have you taken it through airport security in the US? Has anyone at TSA questioned you about it?

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