Strikeforce’s Tim Kennedy Shows You Self-Defense Moves From His Army Rangers Training

Are you looking for H2HC (hand-to-hand combat) training? Well, we’ve got the military martial arts expert you’re looking …

21 thoughts on “Strikeforce’s Tim Kennedy Shows You Self-Defense Moves From His Army Rangers Training

  1. Ihad topicksomething says:

    A little story

    in 06 I was in Baghdad, Iraq. wasn't doing anything crazy mind you; however, myself and another soldier were walking past a group of new captures to get to a tower, and another soldier was moving an insurgent that was just captured by an infantry unit, and this was an everyday occurrence. The insurgent was eying up this soldiers weapon, intently. Luckily, the soldier escorting this guy had extensive training in unarmed self defense, and was an avid MMA fighter in Ohio, he was also a smaller guy, which I believe was why initially, the detainee was looking to make a move..

    anyway, in a second the said douche grabbed that soldiers firearm and they both went to the ground, a fight ensued over control of that firearm and the guy was subdued by that soldier, no help was needed. That soldiers training saved his life, and it wasn't Army training, it was his MMA background.

    Just thought I would share a little story and inform others how imperative it is to be prepared for whatever situation you find yourself in, no matter how strange the circumstance!

  2. Rez says:

    Could you imagine a one of those little Terrorist guys having to do physical close range combate with a little Gorilla like Tim Kennedy. The guy would be completely fucked LOL

  3. Sarah Thomas says:

    Turn the Volume off and learn self defense, even if you don't want to hurt people not knowing who anyone really is, good for women to see self defense videos with the sound off , and be confident to tell people to leave you alone and to stop harming your soul, even if you really don't want to hurt anyone but you should try to stop an attack to walk away, your soul dose not belong to human beings and you're a type of person who wants to be a forgiver without terrible stuff happening.

    Its good teshuva for women to learn self defense and try not to let any one hurt you, there is no romance outside of marriage. Please Keep the Videos Modest, Be careful out there.

  4. SuchaCaligrrl says:

    This is great to know, but not good for short girl like me, I may be able to palm face you but elbow you… not so much at least not for me a short person, my elbow wouldn't reach their face. Also if a man grabbed me from behind he could literally just cary me away… How can short people defend themselves from taller heavier people?

  5. Bob Jones says:

    the grab from behind move is amateurish some one trained in hand to hand combat don't come at a person like that in real life combatants, you come and and unscrew his head like a mason jar. in real life combat you come from behind and stick him in the neck. in real life combat you reach around and twist his head grab and crush his Adams Apple. in real life combat wearing full body armor and tactical gear you are not that flexible to do a move like that effectively. The elbow strike was good it went down hill from there. that's my opinion.

  6. rogue says:

    He's right… Break your hand punching in the face, you most likely loose the fight and you can't squeeze the titties, or play with your dick at night…

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