Street Survival Tactics: Control Yourself!

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8 thoughts on “Street Survival Tactics: Control Yourself!

  1. Iced Cub says:

    @TeamWuJin well first of all I think your a legend but what I wanted to ask is this. After a fight how do I stop myself from crying/voice cracking/ shaking that kind of shit ? Thanks

  2. navysealboy62 says:

    …so that is probably why I've ended up so short fused. Fixing it isn't going to become easy either, I realize now it's going to take work and there's no technique that'll fix it. It also does stem from a problem I've had all my life (which has also lead me to be so sleep deprived), but that's a whole other story lol.

    Thanks for the video, MUCH appreciated.

  3. Danster82 says:

    The reason God is omnipresent and sees all is because you are God, theres no where you can be that God isnt anything you do you see and judge yourself by your own actions, its this self judgement which is the creation of the karma.

    For example is anyone is perceived as an arsehole by your standards then they become the standards you must maintain least you see yourself as an arse.

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