19 thoughts on “Street Scenario with a 6’6” Attacker

  1. stormy says:

    Excellent!!!! Talking about bodylanguage…in this scenario Nick, you could have done the universal aggressive walk all animals do in a situation like this. Try it!! People have NO idea you are doing this walk but will react instinctively no matter how big they are. It is called 'cross pacing' or something like that. Even if you do this for just 2 steps, people will have a primitive reaction to it…RIGHT RIGHT LEFT LEFT. Right arm and right foot steps, then left arm swings as the left foot lands. Universal 'what the blank are you thinking gettin' in my face, bucko'!!! Watch people take a step back and get confused. Especially the big guys who don't expect a tiny girl to be a problem…I love playing this game!!

    Shoulders down, smile slightly, lengthen the back of your neck and simply slightly swing one arm and follow atst with the same side foot. Right arm right foot, left arm left foot. Watch the person you are superior over no matter their height or weight BACK UP. I always get steps. But just leaning back to make space for yours gets them off balance! What? Try this!!

  2. Robert Bermudez says:

    What I love and really respect about you and your videos Nick is that there is no macho bullshit. I love what you said above: it's not about being "chicken" or a "coward" it's about avoiding an unpleasant and oftentimes unnecessary situation. You are clearly a "fighting is the last resort" type. You can clearly defend yourself quite ably in a variety of situations and yet you stress it's all about survival and staying safe and using your skills for defense only. In a world (martial arts) so filled with big egos, macho assholes, loudmouths, bullies and those who have no place teaching anything you are to be commended!

  3. Stan Kaplan says:

    I agree. As a former Marine, Vietnam Vet & once upon a time 1st Dan in Tae Kwon Do, I firmly believe it's still  better if at all possible to live to fight another day. Thanks much.

  4. Sadeer Sadik says:

    Nick, or any one else with insight, Im a senior at high school trying to get into University, and this other student is trying to fight me for no apparent reason. I do not want to fight as i do not want to get suspended at this point, if i do get suspended, i will almost certainly not get accepted into any good colleges. Ive turned down offers by him to fight after school, but i am concerned he will attack me at school now

  5. tfjvk_ says:

    This is gold, this is real fighting, real self defense. And it just works. It doesn't even need to be this scenario, it works with little things but it also works when being robbed. You can apply this everywhere, even when there' no real fighting thread

  6. Domingos says:

    Nick,as i already told you are the best self-defense instructor that i have ever seen,there are guys that have amazing skills and at that they seem better than you,but they somehow always end up explaining the fight,and that is the problema,because in reality if a fight starts you never know how many guys or girls will be,or wich side they will take.They use to say to me that i am good with difficult people,and now i teach adults,rough guys from the the sea,i teach them boat electronics…in general they are good people but they are differnt with big egoes and even different countries,and sometimes when they are tired or something goes wrong,well,the other day they liked a circuit that i told them to build and when the lights started blinking and signaling they were excited so they began to film with their phones,but,one Brazilian wanted a better angle so he completly blocked a Portuguese that was there before taking pictures,man…things almost went very wild but i was able to diffuse it and put the weaker Brazilian behind the table so the other jumped the tables but then i was able to calm him down becuase i had already created a space of about 6 meters between them now they are fine with eachother and apologised to me,but it is exactly as you say in this and other vídeos…ah,and then later i even explained to the class what i did and what i would do if the other advanced to the fight…and if a fight erupts your actions as you say have to be simple,discrete and calm,firm words but no offensive language…and now with this wave of terrorist attacks your simple lessons can be precious and save lives…i have some ideas but what about vídeos in how you would deal with an active shooter,terrorists are in Europe and i believe also in Canada to stay…running into them would be bad luck,but it can happen ..ah,thank you!

  7. Syed Murtaza says:

    A tip to you pal learn Judo Ippon sieo nagi (one hand throw) when he throw a punch at it is always like boxing and he is big so it will come from up and then it will be fucking easy to watch this then reply https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDx52o7u0es
    Martial art can make you Immortal but you have to work like Akuma you know it just not to dream but to work hard for it just watch Neterro training of anime one please on youtube
    and even not perfect you can see what it can do 3:)

  8. Shadow Heart says:

    i want to boast a little and brag a little
    i was in a situation where the guy was dunk and he had like an axe in his apartment why we were therE? becuase my stupid friend took me there because she wanted alcohole and weed but i dont do any of those things but i couldnt let her be alone.. and i couldnt force her…. next thing you know the guy gets agressive and wants to take me out because he saw me as a threat but i was compassionate to him i even hugged him and he just let down and went back to his chair.. a lot of people that are violent or criminal really lack love and compassion and sometimes showing htem that can go a long way to make them understand that there is no reason to fight here there is no threat there is no enemy…. i just think the world paints everything black and white .. that criminals are black and good guys are white.. and that people are evil and bad… no its just the world needs a lot of love and compassion.. even if someone is sick enough to kill or attack they are sick they are not evil they are bot bad they are not different they are just hurt very very very hurt … i experience that if we could just learn a way to ge tthorugh to people and establish love and kindness it would solve so much.

  9. Pixelmeatball says:

    Man I love your videos. Earlier today I saw someone post a video on self defense against an attack with a gun. And as I watched the guy never mentions anything about defusing the situation or just giving the attack what they want. The instructor showed 3 or 4 steps to do to disarm the attacker but the guy with the gun didn't fight back. As you say you can only predict the first move then after that you have no idea what is going to happen. In my opinion videos like that can get someone killed. Your videos can save lives. Thanks for what you are doing. All the respect!

  10. Clevername209 says:

    Awesome! Would love to see a scenario with him being more aggressive though. Like coming in close and walking into you, basically forcing you to strike first. Would be great if you both would had helmets and you'd actually try that real speed to see what happens.

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