Street Fighting with a Knife – How to Cut and Stab

Street Fighting with a Knife – How to Cut and Stab *Instagram & Snapchat: JakeMaceTaiChi Check out my FULL KNIFE & DAGGER …

25 thoughts on “Street Fighting with a Knife – How to Cut and Stab

  1. th3 gov3rment says:

    You are way to close you're gunna get liver shotted elbowed or submitted keep them at a distance they won't go in for an attack with the risk of getting stabbed thrusting is better than slashing it's faster, easyer to get through the flesh and you won't kill your opponent not really something you want to do and fucking hell man your that close your arm is gunna be grabbed your knife will be taken and you will die

  2. robsg07 says:

    I don't know…it seemed to me a way too "hard" lesson. Are you (we) really mentally prepared to kill another person, even an attacker who wants to kill you (us)? I think there are more parts of the body that you can stab or slash to neutralize the opponent without necessary killing him (or her).

  3. Martin Erhard says:

    ok but for a slash to be effective you have to have a sharp knife and your opponent shouldnt wear thick clothes…so it depends whats more effectiv.
    and can someone explain me why you have to stand so close?…I mean with a knife you have extended reach and if you stand too close and your opponent is stronger he can just grab you

  4. Leo Vega says:

    1:23 That´s an oversimplification. The principle of yin & yang is that of constant change, where every yang carries a part of yin. In fact, the only moment either yin or yang becomes pure is right before the birth of the other (that´s what the taijitu represents). Also, if the knife is a hard weapon, why would it be intended for striking soft zones? just saying.

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