Street Fighting Tips: Tim Larkin Teaches How to Use Body Weight in Self-Defense Techniques

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41 thoughts on “Street Fighting Tips: Tim Larkin Teaches How to Use Body Weight in Self-Defense Techniques

  1. Gibran Maciel says:

    This guy is going to get people killed. If you fuck up the strike to the throat, or it doesn't paralyze him, your going to get shot and your fucked. Larkin ought to be ashamed of himself.

  2. Rich Green says:

    Anyone who knows about street fighting can counter this move quickly and easily.  All you have to do is bury your chin into your chest. Any impact is diverted and the throat is protected. Don't buy into this quick method of protecting yourself.  There is no magic potion and you will get yourself killed in that 5 seconds.  You have no clue who your opponent is.  Keep in mind for every strike, there are simple counters. And to learn properly yes takes a very long time, conditioned strength training, and countless hours of practice.  These people just want your money. If you are that motivated, then talk to a martial arts professional.  They can size you up in that 5 minutes and tailor a program for what you are looking for. Please for your sake and your continued health, DO NOT buy into this.

  3. David Litts says:

    The fact that many involved in fighting systems can't seem to understand, and well I understand why.  They have spent years studying, they are proud of their system and loyal to it.  Too many people spend time going after the weapon, where they should be going after the areas of the body which will shut the aggressor down.  More folks are killed by trying to wrestle the gun then they are laying into their attacker.  Would I kick a man in that position, in the throat, hell yes especially if there is a gun or weapon involved, butter to shut him down completely, would I wrestle for the gun or knife not at that point.  Take the injury that will put them man down and save your life.

  4. physcoticweirdo says:

    NOOOOOOOOO DON'T BE A FOOL IF YOUR STRIKE TO THE THROAT ISN'T POWERFUL ENOUGH THEN HE'LL STILL SHOOT YOU. STOMP ON HIS HAND REACHING FOR THE GUN OR KICK THE GUN AWAY. THE GUN IS MOST DANGEROUS THING THERE YOU GET THE GUN AWAY FIRST DON'T GAMBLE THAT YOU'RE STRONG ENOUGH TO HURT HIM. Also a kick to the face is better since it'll bend his head and face back and fuck his line of sight there's no way someone will roll over after getting kicked in the throat they'll reach for their throat MAYBE but they won't roll over like a dog on their belly.

  5. An Drew says:

    In U.S. a lot of courts would send you to prison for kicking a down attacker in throat or head for either manslaughter or attempted murder* I went to trial and I went to the pen. Here in the U.S. Experience is a hard teacher* People here think they have justice & legal right to self defense but it's a game, the judicial system. They don't believe in justice. Only convictions. 🙁 I did the time to prove it*

  6. Mart Maameele says:

    for sedanon – such a kick doesnt breking a neck but can crush a windpipe, also there can be a one-sided spasm in muscles that surround artery with some consequences. And about kicking a person who is reaching for his gun – if you want to see next day -kick – dont start to think about UK jury. I was in some violent situations, where i behaved "humanely" (im teaching fighting and naively thought that i must restrict my blows) -and seconds later regretted that bitterly -just a luck that im alive.

  7. Dirk says:

    There is a differnce between the US and europe.
    Breaking his neck after the hard kick might be okay for military purposes or even for a US-jury.
    Here we don´t know something like a jury, so a judge decides on his own and would send you to prison for 100%.

  8. Jay says:

    Cont…up the nose, that can kill someone, because the whole time, she had it embedded in her mind to go for a shot like that(she was in her late 30's). I'm not an expert, however, so please disreguard my comment if I'm "way off my rocker", though. I don't want to be responsible for anyone getting killed due to not acting quick enough in the right way, either

  9. Jay says:

    I'm glad I learned at a young age what moves I should probably refrain from, unless absolutely necessary. I can understand a life and death situation, like this one, or how there isn't a fair fight in real situations, but why is it that so many instructors seem to teach you to go for the throat or the temple right away? Maybe not everyone knows that you can kill someone that way. I just recently pointed out to a fellow co-worker at the time that if you strike someone straight …

  10. MisterBlueSky1000 says:

    You are responsible for reclaiming your faith and your communities from these dangerous fanatics. Loving God = caring for ALL His children
    If you keep quiet and don't act – then these fanatics would use you as a shield to hide behind – and keep hurting other people. If you don't want to get the retaliation that the fanatics deserve – then you must clearly condemn them and separate from them – because right now they are using you as a facade

  11. DarthVato2010 says:

    Hey numbnuts..instead of judging Mr. Larkin in the 1:17 need to read up on his "PRINCIPLES" which is the foundation of his program. Without knowing the fundamental principles, all of the techniques are useless….much like yourself!

  12. Edin Demirovic says:

    Just because we don't protest, you quickly assume that we're completely fine with it? Dude, we do. It's just that no one cares, and no one will listen. The people who do these bombings and terrorists attacks are extremists: as simple as that. Al quaeda, and etc.

  13. V10DodgeMagnum says:

    Well, then why dont we see Muslims worldwide protest the hijacking of their religion? why dont we see them in the thousands marching in the streets against JIHAD and deniel of womens human rights and denouncing terrorism?

  14. Edin Demirovic says:

    Sorry, it's just that he provoked me a little. But it's true, he's very ignorant for thinking that way about Islam. I'm not even sure what he means by the way we handle things. If he thinks im cutting peoples heads off and running into mosques with a bomb strapped to my chest screaming ALLAHU AKBAR, then he's wrong.

  15. Edin Demirovic says:

    Fuck* Damn, you mad bro? Looks like the war really has taken it's toll on you. Your country sucks dick, and stop repeating your self. You're like a broken record, along with your broken mind.

  16. Edin Demirovic says:

    Oh, and if you did upload any videos of you ranting on Liberalism, you'd only get spammed and pwned by many people and shared on a facebook page as cancer. You're a fool with no life, and blind logic. The Qur'an? It's a book which saved the minds of my mother, her mother and more of my family. It's what soothes you after death and terrible feelings. it's a cure to the mind. But you're a stuck up idiotic prick.

  17. Edin Demirovic says:

    Lol, you stupid pussy. Arabs would shit on you country, thats why they fucked up the Twin towers, and etc. They make American look like a pussy country, which it is. It's a country of greedy fat slobs. You hate us for no reason, because you're an un-educated fuck and calm down, don't need to use cap locks there, sorry if you're enraged… You're all against liberalism..Show you're fuckign face on youtube, let us hear your "great" thoughts and opinions..Little ass prick.

  18. Edin Demirovic says:

    You served for your bullshit country? Cuz if you died not a single person would give a shit, not even your mother, if she knew the way you feel about a certain religion which doesn't want to propose violence and killing. You're a cunt, You can't say we all are terrorists and we commit acts of violence and etc. And if you do, well than, you're a stupid, arrogant imbecile. Good day to you dumbass.

  19. Edin Demirovic says:

    I'm a white Muslim. You're an ignorant fool, "I've seen enough of what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan", No, you had a bullshit, idiotic president (George Bush) You're probably some fat, lazy atheist prick who believes he feels very powerful sharing hes negative thoughts about things over the internet. You keep your mouth shut, if you have nothing to say

  20. Edin Demirovic says:

    You're an ignorant cunt. you hate liberalism? you should hate yourself, You stupid squat. Nothing here involves bullshit, other than your opinions and personality. I'm a Muslim, who prays. fasts, and cares for the needs of others who don't have everyday things like hands, feet, jobs, school and etc. Do I pose a threat to you? nah, I don't think so buddy….

  21. Edin Demirovic says:

    And apparently, you're an idiot. i'm a Bosnian Muslim, and our women do not wear burkas, and our main priority is to believe in our god, religion, rules, messenger and in peace. You're getting the wrong message buddy. But lets think about America, we're setting a war on their self, and they aren't aware. We have blacks killing whites, whites killing other whites and etc. Most likely Catholic or Christian do, we do something much more worse to ourselves as everyday people then the middle east…

  22. Edin Demirovic says:

    Well, when a Christian or white person commits any act of violence in public, or even terrorism, the media doesn't even considerate terrorism. every religion has extremists. just because we don't protest doesn't mean we are on same terms with Muslim terrorists.

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