Street fighter tests Russian Martial Art Systema

To learn HOW TO how to take serious strikes click here: Clip taken in Moscow in April 2013. This clips starts AFTER almost 2 …

34 thoughts on “Street fighter tests Russian Martial Art Systema

  1. marc peschke says:

    For all of those who spend lots of time making fun of this art by posting disrespectful comments, why don't you find yourselves a systema instructor and do a trial session. See for yourselves if this is bullshit or not.
    To the point of every Systema guy beeing obese i can only say, take a look at Vladimir and Valentin Vasiliev, Vadim Starov, Jerome Cadian and the likes. They're not fat but indeed very lean and slender, but still powerful.
    It's easy to judge arts and people through out videos but not always is seeing believing, but feeling is believing. Join systema classes and find out what it's about.

  2. tweekbomb says:

    Complete nonsense. Bullshit. The guys taking the punches in the gut are big fat fucks. A fat gut can take hard punches with almost no effect. So, get really fat and you can take a punch to the gut. Complete fucking bullshit.

  3. TheMoonchild1969 says:

    Rather than fight I will talk to the big guy trying to negotiate the fight by being humble and showing him some photos of my dogs and cats, then I will offer him some money and cry begging for mercy. That always works…shit I'm a pussy.

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