STREAKING FOR DAYS 🔪 (They Couldn’t Stop Me!)

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35 thoughts on “STREAKING FOR DAYS 🔪 (They Couldn’t Stop Me!)

  1. Timothy Mack says:

    I don’t know what it is but all the way up to infinite warfare I could go on 15-20 kill streaks all the time but bo3 and bo4 I’m just not good like I’ve been on 3 15’s so far and I don’t know what the problem is

  2. Zakka says:

    Yo i have a question, how do you have the golden knife without doing the pickup enemies weapon and kill them challenge? or did you do with with enemy's combat knife too? Coz thats mad if thats what you did hahah. Cheers

  3. Chris3706 says:

    In WW2 i made a class where my shovel was my primary and an M1911 with the America camo. Yesterday i was using that class and went on a major killing spree (not streak, spree). i got a triple kill all three with a shovel or one with throwing knife i dont remember but i was on flak tower near the stairs where the axis spawn so i killed one guy running at me then another by luck and there was a guy at the bottom of the stairs i was at the top and as i was jumping i spun around and landed the backstaber medal but the play of the game was a guy using an lmg and got a double kill and we won the match. it was a guy on the enemy team. pls fix your game vondy

  4. Weston Luckett says:

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  5. BagTagMike says:

    Love the videos. You are definitely very good at the game. But damn I laugh when it sounds like you are complaining about people being sweats when you are the same way….lol

  6. Slothetti says:

    I’m pretty close to dark matter if I left 1 blood thirsty left on the strife befor I get dark matter would u want to use the stiletto knife and unlock dark matter for me? Let me know plz

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