STOP HARD Punches with SIMPLE Interceptions | How to Fight in Self Defence

How to fight, Stop Attacks interception punches, and defend yourself better. Interception punches really work if you have the intention to punch hard and fast.

36 thoughts on “STOP HARD Punches with SIMPLE Interceptions | How to Fight in Self Defence

  1. Josue Florian says:

    Intenté colocar mi opinión en inglés pero el corrector no dejó, las emboscadas directas a hacer daño casi no ocurren, casi siempre hay un preámbulo lo que permite reaccionar, ahora si tienes un enemigo que te quiere muerto, entonces si te van a emboscar para matarte, pero incluso así puedes tener cierto grado, de anticipación.

  2. Local Ingenuity says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE……….. Not a fighter but appreciate your perspective and insight as to handling things when you have no other choice. I pity the guy that takes your gregarious demeanor and clean looks as passive. LOL

  3. Jim Lowe says:

    I have to say you present a very valid way of training, and practicing, what martial methods are about. It is a getting back to the essence of what it means, both spiritually and physically. Training for reality is what martial methods should be, but it must always include the means of understanding there is a time to fight and a time to walk away.

  4. A D says:

    Hey man saw your other video in which you taught how to condition your knuckles on a sandbag… I just came across an info that said conditioning your knuckle can give you arthritis when you get older… let us know what's your take on it… bytheway great videos I learned a lot from it…thanks a lot 😉

  5. Stuart Menzies says:

    Totally agree! I do shotokhan so I learn a lot about defending or receiving and then deflecting but I have no doubt that unless you keep your distance you will always get punched and you will always get hurt but as you say it’s about minimising it.

  6. gene mayne says:

    would you let this run on your channel if not i will remove
    Myself and my colleagues are going to be climbing a small
    mountain in Africa called Kilimanjaro. None of us are in a state where we can
    do this already so we will be training long and hard for it. NEW SHORT VIDEO

  7. Punisher01 says:

    Is jujitsu or wrestling good in real combat or is it just for show? What comes to mind for me when I see people doing those styles is how I would bite or gouge or grab crush and twist certain body parts. I know that in the heat of the moment it's hard to think as fast as necessary to find targets, but just seems to me that ground fighting is risky. That's why I train my grip and finger strength so I can jam my fingers in the opponants ribs and various other sensitive points, plus crushing grip. Has anyone tried pinching and twisting someone's inner thigh while wrestling, simple pinch and twist. I'm not very experienced in fighting and I can't afford going to a dojo. But observation, mental simulation and solo training is free. What do you think?
    I practice and study, as much as I can of,
    Wing chun,
    Us marine close quarters combat,
    W.E. fairbairn fighting technique,
    Military knife fighting,
    And whatever else I can get my hands on.
    Exercises such as cardio, calisthenics, weight training, for strength and mobility. And mental rehearsal meditation.

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