17 thoughts on “Stick and Knife Fighting 8 count drill

  1. woordenstroom7 says:

    @wmpyr I have my tactical flashlight for one hand.
    Since fixed blades or even locking blades are illegal here, and I can't afford to carry illegal as a teacher, I put a simple folding knife in my bags these days.
    The thing with it is that the handle is rather large and has chunky steel parts on both ends. This makes it a really good kubaton, about the same size as that solid flashlight.

    Once I get a bit further in my excercises, I'll take this drill up with those 2 items.

  2. wmpyr says:

    @paintballinkaliguy thanx man, that is the STI P001 Bodyguard Knife. I usually use it in the pistol bayonet position but for this video used it in the straight/standard position.

  3. 01 sith says:

    New drills to play with thank you! Great thoughts on linking the 4 count,heaven and your scissors drill… That will be a flow monster! Can't wait to practice it! BTW what is the brand of the tanto bladed knife that has a finger ring on the back? Me likey!

  4. woordenstroom7 says:

    Taking 2 knives from the kitchen and trying this at home. I'll send you my arms afterwards.
    If I find a way to wrap them, that is…

    But seriously: one day I'll get to this perhaps. For now it's more of an entertaining thing to watch 🙂

  5. blacksilkblacksilk says:

    @wmpyr Very true. So when I agreed that it is advanced I meant to say that it will take me weeks to figure out, and lots of work – and also like yo said it is a composite skill that builds on fundamentals.

    But sometimes I get carried away because want to expres appreciation and he I do not write as precisely as I should.

  6. wmpyr says:

    @blacksilkblacksilk thanx Silk, you know the word advanced is really just means there is some stuff you need to know before doing this, or one can't comprehend it. I really dislike using the word because people start focusing on advanced and mimic it and feel like hey I can do it, I'm advanced but we both know that is the wrong way 🙂

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