Steven Segal Kicking real life ASS! Aikido Martial Art

Martial Arts – Steven Segal Old Footage – Aikido Throwing Techniques, who new he could really kick ass. *I have been asked more times then I can count what …

49 thoughts on “Steven Segal Kicking real life ASS! Aikido Martial Art

  1. Dekitt 2003 says:

    Kind of funny that not one single strike was attempted by his "opponents" during the entire display. It is nonsense and fake. He has yet to prove a single competitive fight.

  2. Chris C says:

    Seagal is a true expert of Aikido. How effective Aikido is in a real fight is another question. Yes all those people are allowing Seagal to throw them as demonstration and practice of the techniques. You can checkout shodokan Aikido matches to see how it looks when the other person isnt cooperating…not nearly as smooth.

  3. julian tanti says:

    some of you guys really don't have a clue , Steven segal arts is all real and if you guys really watch it he uses a self defense way a lot as u can seriously harm those that do attack and help them on there merry way ,

  4. Cloudy Days says:

    it's a a lot of shit talking about Steven segal but how many of you hateful assholes actually know about or practice martial arts aikido is a very dangerous style that Steven has studied for a long time now so for all you weak fucks running your mouth behind a keyboard shut the fuck up and hit the gym

  5. gustavo dias do vabo says:

    O nosso treino não limite-se a técnicas de defesa pessoal. Trabalhamos bem mais do que isso. Trabalhamos movimentação, postura, respiração, relaxamento…, claro, todos indispensáveis a uma execução técnica eficiente na prática defensiva. Mas aos olhos dos que não conhecem nossa prática surge o questionamento sobre o que estamos fazendo. Quem iria atacar assim? E que defesa é essa?
    Aikido é uma arte integral; busca a união entre mente, corpo e espírito. Não é uma arte utilitarista ou imediatista. A saúde, a disciplina e o desenvolvimento pessoal também estão nas nossas metas.
    Agora, dominadas estas técnicas marcialmente inofensivas, quando utilizadas na técnicas defensivas, apresentam um poder imenso de controle e/ou projeção.
    Eis uma das grandes maravilhas do Aikido: o treino relaxado e sem a vinculação imediata à uma situação de conflito.
    José Ribamar Lopes


  6. James Greene says:

    OK let set it straight he is a true master I have seen him in a real fight and he beat the hell out of the guy martial arts works I have been studying several styles of martial arts and it works if u know what u are doing I have been in several fights on street and have always prevailed over my opponet

  7. Michael Mo says:

    Are some people here really that stupid. Yes these people know the exact moves he is doing that's why they flip and fall with what he is doing. If you fight someone like this and did not know what was going on.

    Every bone in your arms and hands would be snapped with no effort at all

    Not to mention all the pressure points that would simply put your ass on the floor

  8. Jancel Conroy says:

    In the practice of Aikido 1 use its slow movement to practice technique. These are just the ministrations that illustrates proper movement and proper body mechanics at the right appropriate time. I have met people who have been to Steven Seagal's seminars and he definitely knows his jujitsu. Akido is the base corps techniques of most Japanese martial arts. If you learn this your hardstyle like Jiu Jitsu or judo will be a lot more superior. The only problem with martial arts has the most people train unrealistically and that's the problem with modern martial arts. That's why mixed martial arts has been very popular. But even then mixed martial arts has its limitations like multiple attackers and edge weapon defense.

  9. Robert Lambert says:

    Its a great art, I studied Lau Gar for 15 years and others for 5 yrs and know how difficult it is to get to Black and beyond, let alone open a club over there !
    Does anyone know what the drum music is ?

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