43 thoughts on “Steven Seagal Demonstration

  1. Hans Matheson says:

    Seriously this is fucking embarrassing, I could barely see the end because I was cringing so hard. ZERO respect for an real, dedicated martial artists and dangerous to broadcast to the dumb or young making them think this could protect them

    and fat fuck couldn't even humour this organization by trying to look a little athletic or seem like he was expending any energy at all or at least keep a proper posture/

    this demo legit made it look like Seagal is some fucked up idiot midas but instead of gold touch, his touch causes people to flip or fall in the most dramatic way possible.

  2. Bruce Beloit says:

    holy shit ive herd of dumb ass people but thiss if you think aikido is in any way fake you would have your ass handed to you as soon as you took a swing you would be on the ground what you dont know about this art is that its a matter of movement. the force your opponent uses is wasted if it cant connect im58 and followed Bruce Lee ' s work since i was 12.

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