steven seagal aikido tribute

made this a while ago on my old youtube channel which doesn’t exist any more. I do not own the rights to any of the material used. this video is only for …

35 thoughts on “steven seagal aikido tribute

  1. darren pilkington says:

    lets put the record straight. I bumped into Steven Seagal in France 3 years ago. I told him I thought his martial arts was rubbish and he went batshit crazy. attacked me and forced me to react. I didn't want to. my training in fighting styles was purely spiritual and I have never used it on another human being. until then!!!..the hours of meditation kicked in and without any thinking I wind milled the fuck out of him! sure I struck him with at least 17 clean shots before he hit the ground. obvoisly I didn't finish him. I have too much respect for life. but my point was proven. I waited until he came round, and got him a glass of water. we talked for a while and he was very humble , but asked if I could keep it between us. I said yes because I respected the effect it would have on his career.

  2. moonskin1976 says:

    He's AWESOME at choreographed fighting. In the movies, he always wins. He and all his understudies perform fight choreography. He's never actually competed (put his money where his mouth is). I took aikido for 4 years. Then I wised up and joined up with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Aikido is a great "art" but all in all, you'll never actually see it work successfully in an MMA or street fight atmosphere. When Van Damm challenged him (after he talked smack about his abilities), he didn't want none of it. He also has a string of sexual abuse allegations against him. He's lied about being in the CIA, he lied about being good friends with Bruce Lee (he even went so far as to say their kids used to play with each other while they hung out). He's a slime ball. He's an egotistical, pathological liar. Love the man if you want. He's a 7th dan in bullshito…

  3. Ryan Steward says:

    The only time Steven moves faster then aikido is when the buffet opens at Golden Corral. He has been known to use aikido on someone who cuts him in the buffet line. The biscuits run out quick!

  4. Jane Lebon says:

    On n'a jamais vu Seagal que dans des "démonstrations" bidons avec des partenaires très complaisants ou dans des scènes de cinéma montées bien entendu pour mettre en évidence les super-capacités, bien fictives, du "héros" Seagal.

  5. Erus Erus says:

    شما که وجود خارجی نداری پس هیچ عیبی نیست زیر کیر مقدم هم مثله عالم و ادم لخوابی و برای اثبات اینده ای که قرار است هر گز نیاید ، مادر کونی به کوس نه نه ات خنده ایی که فکر کونی با محدودیت زندگی ما را کنترل میکنی یا برادرت هم باید همین روند ران طی کرده باشد یا زنا زاده پدرت اگر رئیس جمهور هم که باشه تو در زندگی من میشوی فقط یه کوسکشی که قرار تاوان تمام روزهایی که از ما گرفته را بدهد و تحمل خودشو و خانواده کوسکشش در برابر حس تنوع طلبی بی پایان ما زیاد است و قبول کرده اند

  6. Elol Lolss says:

    Fucking hilarious.
    The only way aikido will defend you is by humiliating and embarrassing yourself to the point of making your attackers faint from laughter.
    I also can't believe how uninformed people are on what works in a real life violent encounter where you're forced defend your shit.

  7. Richard Sabsay says:

    I've just had enough of this idiot. I recognized his martial art credentials are for real unlike that other idiot Jean-Claude Van Damme but I particularly dislike Steven Seagal because he is a pseudo-intellectual loudmouth imbecilic self-aggrandizing Snook. But worst of all he thinks he's a musician because he owns a lot of guitars and that really bugs me

  8. Bob says:

    J'adore cette personne , jamais un mot plus haut qu'un autre , et dire que cet abruti de Van Damme a voulu se battre contre lui lors d'une réception chez Stallone , je crois , à coté de Miami  , car  , Van Damme avait expliqué à l'époque qu'il ne supportait pas son comportement , certains ont même dit que Van Damme l'aurait battu si cette explication avait eu lieu , Steven s'était retiré à ce moment lors de cette soirée en s'excusant peu de temps après ou en partant , je ne sais plus exactement , Van Damme m'a déçu ce jour là , mais je n'y étais pas et me garderai bien de le juger.

  9. indusconnection says:

    Awesome tribute ty. Those haters need to be slapped by some aikido so they may understand. Steven Seagal is just awesome. wish he would open dojo near Detroit. I would mean for sure. His way both the gentle and the hard aikido

  10. cory m says:

    ueshiba a grandmaster and one of the founding members of aikido awarded Steven Seagal all of his black belts and ranks within japans aikido rules. Steven is a ligit 7 th degree black belt. he was the first non Japanese master to be allowed to open a school and teach in Japan. do a little research on the net there are students that were in the school trained with and by segal. he is a legit master and 7 th degree black belt. under Japan's aikido federation a student can't succeed his or her master in rank. so even though he should be a 8th or 9th degree he will remain a 7th degree for life. aikido is effective is street self defense but not recemended because the techniques were designed for war designed to kill. Steven is also well versed and ranked in Tae Kwon do karate and kickboxing. u are ligit when u can run a school in Japan governed by the japan aikido association. all u idiots that think he's a fake he's not. he's taught seminars and students world wide. and has the respect of thousands of students world wide. he was also a cop u gonna call that fake as well.

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