Starting Strength Barbell Training – The Strong Survive Easier

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe is a barbell training guide that shows you how a few simple weightlifting exercises can help you get strong and be more …

39 thoughts on “Starting Strength Barbell Training – The Strong Survive Easier

  1. Naj ruQwI says:

    I was just telling my kids the other day that we will be getting in shape and so I went need to run out with our emergency pack we can. Make no sense to have am
    not ER pack if you can't carry it in an emergency. Cause you dont know when S#iT hit the fan and need to go. You can't leave your supplies because you too out of shape to carry it or too save your life. Love your chanel keep the video coming

  2. David Clark says:

    Canadian Prepper said overweight people should lose weight first. They have plenty of muscle carrying around so much weight and losing some increases your odds at survival. Good video by you too.

  3. Mark Dancer says:

    Congratulations on starting strength training.
    Squats and deadlifts are great for legs, hips, and lower back. Benchpress and overhead press are great for the "pushing" muscles (chest and triceps), dips are great for these as well.

    I'm concerned that you have no exercise for the "pulling" muscles (upper/mid back and biceps)—these would include rows and chin up/pull up/pulldown.

    Having a pushing movement and no pulling movement can, long-term, lead to muscle imbalances. Please talk to your trainer about adding some form of pulling movement into your workouts to counter this.

    All the best with the training.

  4. Butch Hill says:

    I think your on track. I started something new, and its working. I'll be 61 in Jan, trying to get the weight off, slowly. I have respect for any man that's older that stays in shape or gets in shape. And as you get older its hard. I wish you well and good luck .

  5. Mark s says:

    Follow Coach Rip and you can't go wrong. I've been a CrossFit Coach for years and have trained with him several times. One of the things that really has stuck with me and I constantly tell my athletes is "Strong people are harder to kill and just generally more useful."

  6. Matthew Thomas says:

    I like starting strength, I actually liked it so much I went on to the texas method when I was done with it. Great for beginners/getting back into training. Ill wait cor the survival on purpose smolov review in 2 years lol.

  7. Eric Rosbottom says:

    I've been intermediate fasting for the past 6 months, and have lost 40 Lbs.. I quit smoking 3 weeks ago, I'm 45 years old and have a little girl that's almost 5 years old.I want to be around to see her grow up fall in love and all that good stuff. I have a really bad knee (Advanced Arthritis) And got a steroid injection about two weeks ago and have been pain free since… Now I can go for longer walks/hikes to work my body and lungs. I commend you sir on your change

  8. Todd New says:

    Great topic – often ignored. Survival, like life, is more than equipment or techniques.

    Injuries accrued over a lifetime can change some of the exercises that “work” for any given person, but the key is to just get going with what you can. At 60, I can’t lift as much OR as often, but I’ve adapted to do things differently. My Boy Scout is 14 & I couldn’t go to Philmont with these old knees, but I went on training hikes with him & we hit the gym together in preparation for it.

    Strength training is key, though – cardio may keep you ticking, but strength will keep you in the game!

  9. OhioPreparedness says:

    Thanks Brian, I have been waiting for this information for a long time and just ordered that book. I have a free weight system at home but have not used it much. I'm 54, obese, weak, and now I have direction and motivation. Thanks Bud!

  10. JensMHA says:

    Or just google for the "Bob Hoffmans simplified system of Barbell training", it is out there in PDF form and comes highly recomended, even though it is ancient… 😉

  11. Tom Faranda says:

    Great video Brian. And rippetoe's approach is excellent for people of any age. I've been using his other book, Practical Programming, which contains much of Starting Strength, and then has programs for intermediate and advanced lifters, as well as collegiate and pro athletes. It's worked for my son who's a collegiate field event thrower and I use it for my own fitness. And I'm nine years older than you. One of rippetoe's disciples is also an emergency room physician and he has a useful book "the barbell prescription", also valuable for older people training.

  12. Bryan Resch says:

    This guy is the best in the business for basic strength training. He uses tires , ropes and stuff like Keg throwing for building real strength.
    I'm also 57 and I do what Elliot says will make s guy my age stronger. Doing Dips and pull ups are staple moves for strength gaining. I don't do squats which is the third basic strength exercise because of a two level fusion. But at 57 , I am in better shape than a lot of 30 year olds. Good luck

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