Star Wars VII The Force Awakens- Rey vs Kylo Ren Lightsaber Fight Scene

When Kylo Ren trys to grab the lightsaber Rey use a stronger force which she fights back resulting in a conflict 1 vs 1 Lightsaber Clash please note that Disney …

25 thoughts on “Star Wars VII The Force Awakens- Rey vs Kylo Ren Lightsaber Fight Scene

  1. MRJETTIE says:

    This fight was really stupid to me. Kylo who trained so hard gets rekt by some noob who uses a light saber like a staff. LIKE IM DOWN. Plus this movie is straight up a direct copy of a new hope or some other star wars movie.4/10 lack of originality

  2. Clay Robert says:

    Homeboys light saber is clearly not functioning properly. Energy shouldn’t be pouring out of it like that, that would make it significantly weaker.

    Rey has Anakin’s original blue saber, clearly a much better weapon than that red piece of shit.

    The fact Rey’s weapon was much more powerful hasn’t been addressed in why she won. She was also highly experienced in hand to hand or staff to staff combat. Fighting a wounded, basket case, little bitch. She should have won, and she did.

  3. JafuetTheSame says:

    take away all the callbacks, references, rip-offs, fan service, han&leia&luke&chewie&falcon, all the iconic designs and ideas they came up with in 1977…and tell me what will left of this movie?

  4. USS Voyager says:

    @Mario Spice Rey learned how to be a pilot by running flight simulations from an old starfighter computer system. Plus she used to pilot a 690 light freighter that she repaired. So it makes sense that she was able to fly the millenium falcon. Kylo was weakened and mentally unstable during the battle which is why he lost. As for Rey picking up the force in just one day? The reason for that will probably be revealed in the next movie.

  5. pooky says:

    I understand Kylo Ren is weakened will fighting Rey, but there was so much wasted potential. The movie should have showed Kylo completely outclassing Rey to give a sense of perspective on their powers and to show how much Rey has grown when they inevitably duel again. It's pathetic watching a Sith Lord all the sudden get pummeled by an inexperienced force sensitive foe. I understand that the force is very strong with Rey and that she has spent most of her life protecting herself, but this shouldn't match up to someone who has studied in the dark side of the force for years. I hope they make up for this in later installments of the franchise.

  6. Mario Spice says:

    In all honesty I can see the arguments for why "Kylo is injured" or something like that but i mean come on. Kylo Ren trained under Luke Skywalker and Snoke, and then was beaten by Rey? That's laughable. I mean don't get me wrong I loved all the characters in this movie but I do not like how they made Rey so good at pretty much everything. Remember at the beginning of the movie when Kylo Ren froze a blaster beam in the middle of the air? Where tf did that shit go? And don't say he was bad because he was shot by a bowcaster. He still should have easily beat Rey at his level. Liked the movie, hated this scene. It's like JJ Abrams wanted to put an entire trilogy into one movie.

  7. David calderon says:

    Kylo ren is the most stupid and weak villain I've seen in star wars, how the hell did he lose against a person who had never given him training on the strength or handling of a lightsaber?

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