10 thoughts on “Standard Grip Knife Combat

  1. wmpyr says:

    @CosmoShidan gotta love the Filipino culture, they became good at adapting and incorporating things. You see that in the FMA, go from stick, knife, hand, bolo and any combination of that plus more 🙂

  2. wmpyr says:

    @MrAceroBlanco I've actually seem some people throw playing cards very accurately and with the ability to cut balloons, sounds similar to your Shuriken idea 🙂

  3. CosmoShidan says:

    Actually, Filipino martial arts(FMA) have been around even before the Colonial Period; in fact, according it's believed that Lapu-Lapu was trained in FMA and applied his craft at the Battle of Macton. European fencing was an addition to the art.

  4. Gabriel Geer says:

    That last part explains what you were saying in the PM the other day. very interesting. I take from this that different weapons can help develop different attributes. so you use the sticks to smooth out the movement of the blade. thank you

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