Stabbing, or “How Knife-Fighting and Defense Pan Out”

READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE COMMENTING!!! How a knife fight really looks. There are 4 different classes of observing a violent incident. Two of them identify …

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  1. Andrew Tan says:

    I identified with I after something I learned from my martial arts instructor and from years of competitive rts gaming, if you know how to perform the technique first you can better identify it when its coming and know its strengths and weaknesses better than someone who is only trained to defend against it. I'm no expert this is purely my honest opinion.

  2. Agora2021 says:

    So what I'm taking from this is… either shoot the shitbag or book it. Leaning towards booking it, since at that range good luck getting a gun out before he closes the distance and filets you.

  3. AlanosBandanos says:

    If I had to class myself somewhere as a judgement of social and psychological issues represented here, I would be III. Particularly as someone who actively writes, trains, and promotes the notion of not being a victim.
    However, reality and evidence dictate that sometimes everyone is caught off guard and there is nothing you can do. When the 20 year USMC vet falls as easily as the 10 stone soaking wet geek when put in front of a prison yard rush.

  4. VideoPhile26 says:

    I'm going to play along with the description and accept its "goal-oriented" challenge.

    The attacker makes his initial stab the the defends stomach; that would would be deep and painfull but would not kill him (Google: vivisection).

    The following stabs to the defenders chest would kill him by the second strike. Notice in the video the attacker holds his knife parallel the defenders ribs so it will pass through.

    All additional stabs to the body are just to ensure the defender is dead.

  5. PocketDrummer says:

    @CassiusChrysanthe He was stabbed twice in under 2 seconds. What part of his reaction was slow or passive? It's easy to sit at your computer and say you would have done something differently, but most would be surprised by the lunge and not gain full awareness of what was occurring until after the first stab had already occurred. This is why this rush is so effective.

  6. zo koko says:

    I agree with many that this is a very authentic looking reality as to what an actual knife attack and fatality would look like, compared to some of the mickey mouse karate self defense knife techniques we see. But let's give the karate guys some credit, if you have SOME training in a counterattack move, its a big difference getting chopped up 15 times to maybe getting 5 hits before you go ballistic and disarm him. The minute he bum rushed you, if the first move to contain is successful, then…

  7. cobrakoi1 says:

    i think i identify with more than 1 here, i first thought fucking heck he stabbed the shit out of him, and wow thats how to fucking stab a man i had images of all the levels of violence u could inflict with a knife and wat sort of damage could b done, i then felt sorry for the victim, wat did he do 2 deserve that, that got me thinking mayb he deserved it. in the end i wondered if i could have defended myself from that attack and imagined myself doing so in various secenarios wher i always win…

  8. jasonsheil says:

    Ok. It may just be that I'm really stoned atm… but I think I just completely figured out the point of the video, that thing everyone is missing that makes all your comments redundant.
    This movie wasn't posted so you could see or learn anything about knife fighting. Its not meant to teach you anything other than your own way of thinking. So posting about what you would have done, or asking what the victim could have done is pointless. This is a lesson in behavioral science, not martial arts.

  9. Ryan696 93 says:

    Thats why cops shoot guys with knives.

    Theres no fancy fencing, sticking and move and undergrip movements.

    Charge, weak hand out and sewing-machine the guy over and over and over.

    Shits dark..and thats just how it is.

  10. bae313 says:

    Beautiful attack, keeps the attacker ahead on the OODA loop no matter what the attackee does, UNLESS the attackee can work the OODA loop faster and become the attacker. This is the stuff Marc MacYoung has been preaching for years to expose the uselessness of most martial knife systems.

  11. shihangodan5 says:

    Well this is very disturbing, it appears that you are teaching people how to kill with
    a knife. Just what the world needs! The victim or corpse, could have thrown the jacket in his face, moved off line and swept the leg etc. A number of things could
    have been done in his situation. However no attempts were made. Lack of training on victims part, and good video showing a very realistic knife attack to kill someone. Text book actually! Hand grabs behind head, continues to rush the victim, sad!

  12. lordscrub says:

    throw the coat, fend off with kicks, step ofline? hmmm I guess if I did'nt see how the rest of this video ended up I may have been thinking the same thing buddha. My advise buddha is to try to find out how this clip ended up and I promise you it will answer all your questions in terms of dealing with violence

  13. BareFisted says:

    Great video Torin, but next time use a smaller blade so you can cup it or palm it so he can't see it.
    And yell at the guy and start pointing your other finger at him to distract him as you close.
    Again excellent video.

  14. lordscrub says:

    hmmmm let me guess Missiuwata you connected with the dead guy on the ground huh 🙂 no biggy but I suggest if what you saw above really scared the shit out of you in terms of you being helpless in a situation like that, you should dig a little into the people that posted this vid, because while it was not the focus of posting the vid, they teach you how to handle the same problem they just showed but the choice is yours to search for the info

  15. SpikeXtreme says:

    This why the UK and US Police wear stab proof vests and carry Tasers.There is no defense against a charged attack.The only defense you have is to keeping your distance from your attacker and thats easier said than done.

  16. lordscrub says:

    not wanting to call you a retard cyp but are you serious ? you just saw why the "coat thing" as you put it is the complete opposite to what u want to do and you now say that it was a nice idea. now I want you to picture the same senario but this time picture the guy turning and trying to run off, what picture comes into your mind? yeah same picture came into my head as well, it was basically the same as the first but this time the guy was dead face down

  17. countacolor says:

    I already did. I originally identified with number IV. That doesn't completely answer my question though. Now I'm wondering if there was ANYTHING AT ALL the victim could have done.

  18. countacolor says:

    So what should the victim have done here? The guy already has the knife out. I guess try to knock him out before he takes the knife out? Running away might be the best option.

  19. amithaba says:

    wtf of course this isn't real, just a way(in my opinion) how stupid knife defences are. because they happen that quick, are not telegraphed and are repititive. contrary to many Martial Artists their believes.

  20. lordscrub says:

    well thats because most systems train you to react to whatever the other guy is doing but with the(not going to advertise here) system you are taught not to wait to see what the other guy is doing and then try to see if you can counter it, but to ensure that you are the one always causing "reactions" in the other guy so at the end of it you never even knew he had a knife cause he did'nt even have time to pull it

  21. lordscrub says:

    well thats not fair, you were suppose to slash first so he could play keep away, you also did'nt give him enough time to wrap up the knife hand, I think there should be a do-over

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