Spyderco Yojimbo & Ronin 2 knives with Pro Knife fighter, Michael Janich (Knife of the Week #3)

Jerry, along with pro knife fighting instructor Michael Janich, show off the Spyderco Yojimbo 2 series of knives. A knife designed by Mr. Janich himself as the …

42 thoughts on “Spyderco Yojimbo & Ronin 2 knives with Pro Knife fighter, Michael Janich (Knife of the Week #3)

  1. Bullpup92 says:

    Wharncliffe blades are the least effective shape for stopping an attacker. I've seen people that have been cut to pieces with a box cutter and while it leaves very nasty and scary-looking scars it does nothing to stop your attacker. You need to pierce vital organs, or cause enough pain or bleeding to stop a person from attacking you. This will not cut deep enough to do that. Plus downward tips like that are very ineffective at getting through loose fabric and clothing. Bad design. Over-priced too.

  2. Martial Artist says:

    Not a fan of the fancy moves used by so many so called knife fighters. If you have ridiculous fast hands, your in great shape, then box your opponent with a jab/blade. Check out dog brothers, no one is using fake ass fancy moves.

  3. alex fresel says:

    great work, Michael. Picked up the Yojimbo2, love it. You've convinced me on the Ronin2, love fixed blade deployment even more. Great work on blade shapes and functionalizing SE Asian etc martial arts.

  4. ill phil says:

    damn !

    crazy combination of 2 guys….. doesn't fit really in my mind ….but anyway….
    awesome review. i like those knives for long time.
    miculek is a cool dude. an janich: awesome guy i guess. looks kinda "exhausted". still: great Blades. top notch. think i buy the roninn 2… AS well

  5. Les Nordman says:

    Wow! Cool! Would it be possible to show the knives in close-up more, please? I am glad that Mr. Janich is there, talking with Jerry, but the focus of the video is the knives.

    Also, it looks like the guys from Eastern Europe (Janich, Miculek) are really keyed into good weapons! 🙂

  6. 5.7 says:

    Hello I have a question. I use to own a marijuana recommendation it recently expired and am now looking into buying my first shotgun. I know you cant pass a background check if you own a marijuana recommendation but it has now expired, can i now pass the back ground check even if i owned a marijuana license in the past?

  7. Tanrichguy says:

    I own both the original Yojimbo and Yojimbo 2 folders. They are great knives. I've taken Mikes classes as well. He really is a top man. I recently purchased the Yojimbo fixed blade and was disappointed. The handle is too slim and too short. I cannot get a decent grip on this blade.

  8. Andrew H says:

    To everyone on both sides of the fence about knife fighting.
    A knife is a perfectly fine weapon to kill someone. The reason everyone is immediately put of by it is the majority of us want to end a fight as fast as possible, it's why we choose ammo that will have the greatest affect on a target without over penetration, the reason we have caliber wars, and the reason we talk about center of mass or Mozambique drills. But just because you can kill or incapacitate someone with a knife doesn't mean you'll survive the experience yourself.

    Simply put, a knife is the slowest way to kill someone you're facing and don't have the element of surprise on, which is what a self defense scenario entails. It's also useless if you're out of arms reach.
    I have a feeling Mr Janich has put a lot of thought into how this knife would be used to slash a person, and how effective it would be to incapacitate through cutting muscle and causing blood loss, but very little about how screwed you would be if you were to employ it on the defensive with someone else holding you at gun or knife point. Carrying a knife for a primary weapon is a fools errand.
    (Note: You should always carry a knife, but planning on using it as anything but a tool and LAST resort weapon is going to get someone killed)

  9. Michael Boles says:

    Nice knife, but as a defensive weapon, because the knife is designed so slim without a guard, what protects a persons hand from slipping down the blade when and if in an actual confrontation?

  10. Boo Boo says:

    Even being a sword swinging member of the SCA, I don't get this whole" knife" thing? A run of the mill $15.00 knife from wal-Mart will do every task equally as well as a $150.00 knife. It's not like you need the quality advantage in a 10th century medieval battlefield. Also knife fighting? Spending time training with no practical use, who would choose a knife over a gun to protect themselves or family?

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