4 thoughts on “Spyderco Self Defense with Michael Janich

  1. chooch tech says:

    i defended myself the other day with my spyderco and was locked up for second degree felony assault with deadly weapon, now pending 5- 16 years this is a fucking horror story, had to spend 50,000 for bail

  2. PowerMadHeadBanger says:

    Trainers are good but they are not so important to limit your choice only to knives that have trainers. There are other things more important like speed of deployment and strength. If you are talking folders and you don't care about how the jury is going to see your knife in court, the best choice is a Cold Steel with Tri-Ad lock and Thumbplate because that's a strong and fast to deploy knife. If you care about how the court sees your knife then the Delica and the Endura would be good choices along with some knives of Benchmade like the Griptilian family. But that's only if you can't get used with fixed blades. If you can carry a fixed blade, that would would be the best option for speed, strength and reach, then a good fixed blade would the Spyderco Fred Perrin Street Bowie. Now if you can't carry blades with locks and one hand opening you better use a Tactical flashlight or a tactical pen. And of course, you should also practice a martial art.

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