Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Vs. Benchmade Bugout: Battle of the Slim EDC Folding Knives.



When it comes to an everyday carry pocket knife, a lot of people prefer something that is lightweight, slim, and easy to carry but can still cut above it’s weight …

29 thoughts on “Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Vs. Benchmade Bugout: Battle of the Slim EDC Folding Knives.

  1. J.T. Dillon says:

    The Bugout has great steel but in every other way is crap compared to the Para. BM's tiny encapsulated little frame makes the Big good for opening letters and eating food. Hell! The Kershaw Skyline is a better knife than the Bugout at least it has a full frame on one side, a better blade grind and 2.1 ounces! Even bigger and lighter than the Spydie Chapparal!

  2. Jeffrey Burns says:

    This was pretty helpful for me. Both of those look like a great EDC. First video to really explain the locks for me. I never took to the Spyderco look, but I am warming up to them.

  3. Joe the Modifier says:

    Great video! I like my Delica but it's shiny, hard to close one-handed, and the clip is not deep carry. This P3 Lightweight seems to check all the boxes for me as far as a Delica substitute. Seems like a worthy contender to my Bugout that has monopolizing ALL of my pocket time. I absolutely LOVE that this P3LW does not have a sharpening choil! I think the industry/manufacturers need to really take a hard look at the definition of "Deep Carry". These are "deepish" carry. IMO, the clip needs to extend past the butt of the knife (like the Kershaw Fatback) in order for it to be called Deep Carry. I have heard people rave about wire clips. Why do you think people love them over other more conventional clips?

  4. Andrew Haacke says:

    The only Benchmade I own is the 940. Never really had the urge to buy another because it seems like the best choice of all their knives. I have had 5 different Spyderco knives and want several other models that are on my radar. I guess that means I prefer them or maybe they just have better options/more variations.

  5. Kevin Hendricks says:

    I own 2 Bugouts and plan to add the Bailout to the family soon. That said I also own a Para 3 in M390 and I will also be adding the Para 3 lightweight soon also when new stock comes in. Someone said it before: Why choose just add both to your collection.

  6. Steven Knight says:

    One of my favorite knives is the GRIPTILIAN with the THUMB hole. However, since Benchmade can not use the thumbhole I always go with Spyderco. However, the MANIX 2 lightweight in S110V or Maxamet beats them all – after my pick of the Para 3 which got preempted… Thanks for a GREAT no time wasted review…

  7. Charles Vest says:

    Spyderco is the easy choice. I will although more than likely wait for sprint variants of the Para 3 LW. As Spyderco has grown, they have only gotten better. Knife Center please order Para 3 S35VN Brown Lightweight.

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